Comic Review – Uncanny X-Force 18, Batgirl 4

Uncanny X-Force 18:

This was amazing, simply amazing. Lots of action, several big reveals and a dramatic moment that is comparable to Gwen Stacey’s death and the Dark Phoenix Saga’s ending. That’s right; the Dark Angel Saga deserves to be recognized alongside classic storylines like the Dark Phoenix Saga. This issue in particular was perfect, or at least as close to perfect as one can get. Plus it’s poly bagged, a popular gimmick from the 90’s that makes this even more awesome.

So much happens in this issue and yet nothing feels rushed. The only thing I can really say is that a new hero, Genesis, is revealed. He’s been hinted at throughout the series and we finally get to see who he is. After…something happens to Archangel (won’t say what,) there’s a very touching scene between himself and Psylocke. Someone makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the planet from a weapon that would have destroyed all life on earth. Every plot thread the series had been building towards reaches its conclusion here, while several new plot threads are introduced for the future of the series and the X-universe in general. Apart from that, it’s hard to say anything specific without spoiling something.

The genius that is Rick Remender’s writing is backed up by near-perfect artwork. Everything from the blood-soaked heroes to the many explosions is full of detail. The facial expressions perfectly display everything: the anguish that Psylocke is going through, the coldness that Archangel has become and the determination that Genesis has to defeat the “scoundrel.”

This issue proves that you don’t need a large crossover to have an epic story. It proves that you don’t need Wolverine to have a great X-Men story (he’s unconscious for the whole issue and most of the storyline.) It will be hard to follow for people who haven’t been reading this series up till now, but it’s so worth it. This is easily the best X-Men series right now and it is important that any X-Men fan gives it a chance.


Batgirl 4:

In this issue, Batgirl has her final confrontation with the serial killer Mirror and celebrates Christmas with her roommate.

Mirror is a new villain who survived a car crash that killed his family. The miracle of his survival drove him insane and he believes that nobody should survive such miracles. As such, he kills miracle survivors. This actually fits in with the Christmas theme for this issue very well. The final fight is well done as Batgirl uses her brain to defeat this stronger and more skilled adversary. Her method, bring mirror to a house of mirrors and have him shoot at her reflection. Even so, she’s still rusty and receives a few punches herself.

The rest of the issue contains a conversation with her roommate where they learn more about each other. It’s good, but a little cheesy. Batgirl also rescues a couple from a group of muggers. While it’s a decent scene, it feels kind of pointless and could have instead devoted more time for the roommates to talk or for Batgirl to celebrate Christmas with her father the next morning. The ending feels rushed as well, as if this plot was originally meant to continue for another couple of issues.

It’s a good issue overall, but it’s not without problems. It seems the next issue will introduce a new storyline; let’s hope it will be stronger.


The other comics I read this week are Batwoman 4 and Avengers X-Sanction 1 (of 4).

Batwoman 4 was really good: great artwork as always and someone discovers her identity. I’m looking forward to the next issue. Don’t know what else to say.

Avengers X-Sanction 1 was, well…I’m not sure. It marks the return of Cable, and he’s attacking the Avengers. It was alright and shows that this event has lots of potential, but I’m not sure what to think of this one. It’s better than I thought it would be though.

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