Comic review – Amazing Spider-Man 680 and others

Amazing Spider-Man 680

Spider-Man and the newly returned Human Torch in space together? Why not? This issue seems to kick-start the prelude for Spider-Man’s major event this year. The event, called Ends of the Earth, is about Doctor Octopus and his Sinister Six having one last go at taking over the world. Why? Doctor Octopus is dying. Most of his body is already gone and what remains is in his final Doctor Octopus suit. That’s enough talk of the coming event though; on with the review.

This issue is vastly entertaining. There is so much witty banter between Spider-Man and the Human Torch that it’s almost an overload of awesomeness. The best part is when Jonny Storm is dancing to music, and famously bad music at that. Even with all the humour though, there’s still room for character development for both heroes and John J. Jameson. This issue shows Jameson’s soft side and that he gets angry because he cares.

Why is Jameson involved? Because his son, John J. Jameson III, is currently working at the space station, that’s why. The space station is attacked by Doctor Octopus’s octobots and it’s up to Spider-Man, Human Torch and Jameson III to save it.

Everything you need to know is in the recap page, and as the first issue of a story arc this is a perfect jumping on point anyway. The artwork is excellent, from its facial expressions to its detailed and atmospheric backgrounds. This is an easy recommendation for any Spider-Man fans or anyone curious about this series. Better yet, the next issue releases next week, so you won’t have to wait long to see what happens.

Other comics I read this week include Venom 13.4, FF 15 and The Walking Dead 94.

Venom 13.4 was a huge improvement over the last issue. For one thing, stuff actually happened in it. Everyone felt in character – at least the ones I’ve read before. There’s lots of action with bits of character development interwoven within. Characters are written better than the last issue, and it includes the characters discussing what should have been discussed in the last issue. The final page reveal is just plain awesome and promises an even better finale for this mini-event.

FF 15 was alright, but it relies too much on Fantastic Four 603 for its own good. The artwork is better than the last few issues and it’s easier to tell different characters apart. I recommend it, but only if you’ve read Fantastic Four 603. Hopefully in the future these two titles will spread out more so that FF will be more than just a supplement for the Fantastic Four series.

The Walking Dead 94 was great all-round. Nothing else to say really.

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