Wolverine 311 review

This is the second issue of a 4-part arc explaining how Sabertooth returned to the Marvel Universe. It feels a bit late considering he’s been around for a while. He showed up in Wolverine and the X-Men well before Avengers vs. X-Men started, and in Wolverine’s series the same week he first showed in WATXM. Even ignoring that, this issue is just bad.

There will be spoilers, but that’s in hopes that you can save your $4 for a better comic.

The first issue revealed that Romulus is back, and that Sabertooth has been cloned … again. In this issue, it was revealed that Wolverine never actually killed Sabertooth – he just killed a Sabertooth clone. Not only that, but it reveals that the redhead that helped Wolverine happens to be Romulus’s twin sister, Remus, and wants Wolverine’s help to kill him. Why do we need to know about Romulus and Remus to know how Sabertooth returned?

Even ignoring those problems, this issue is a very short read. I finished it in 5 minutes, and this thing is $4. Even then, it feels rushed. This issue has four different colourists, and the change in the comic’s look is very distracting. Worse yet, there’s a panel where they completely forgot to colour Romulus’s sister’s costume – it’s just white.

If there’s anything positive to say about this comic, it’s that the action is kind of fun. Even so, it’s little hard to take the fight scenes seriously when Wolverine is single-handedly fighting off five Sabertooth clones all at once when in Jeph Loeb’s previous Sabertooth story arc, Wolverine had trouble with one.

I simply cannot recommend this issue. All you really need to know is that Wolverine only decapitated Sabertooth’s clone, not Sabertooth himself. With that knowledge, you can save yourself $4 on this issue, and possibly $16 on this story arc.

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