Batgirl 12 review

This is the third issue in Batgirl’s fight against a homicidal vigilante group. There’s a fight with Batwoman, a couple minor plot twists, and another encounter with Knightfall’s crime fighting thugs. It’s a great issue.

My only real disappointment with this issue is the advertised fight between Batwoman and Batgirl was very short. It lasts about three pages, and then everyone decides to work together. Besides that, there’s nothing to complain about in this issue. Knightfall is a vigilante extremist whose parents were murdered in front of her. Her goal to clean up the city involves killing criminals or worse, keeping them barely alive in cages (Even if they’re just teenagers). This issue further develops her thugs, each with their own personal issues.

The fight scenes in this issue are great. The short fight between Batwoman and Batgirl is still satisfying even if it was short, and the fight between the heroes and the thugs was even more satisfying. Batgirl’s narrations throughout add to the intensity of the fighting, and they’re fun to begin with.

The art is good too. Even though Batgirl and Batwoman have similar costumes and hair colour, it’s easy to tell them apart as they beat each other up. This is a fairly colourful book, with a good variety in backgrounds and character designs.

This is an easy recommendation if you like Batman books in general. It has great fight scenes, a compelling plot and entertaining narrations to supplement that. This issue is fairly straight forward and you won’t have to read previous issues to understand what’s going on, although it won’t hurt to find Batgirl 10 and 11 as well.

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