Mass Effect Homeworlds 4 review

Just like each of the previous issues, Mass Effect Homeworlds focuses on one of the Mass Effect 3 squad mates in between the action of the game trilogy. This issue focuses on Liara between ME2 and ME3. More specifically, it takes place before Liara heads to Mars.

This issue was good. It highlights how Liara has changed since the first game, and how she functions as the new Shadow Broker. We also see the Hanar home world for the first time and her first personal conflict with Cerberus. There’s not much else to say about the plot without spoiling the story.

The art is probably the best part of this issue. Every character looks great, from the details in their outfits to their facial expressions. Every single panel includes environmental and/or atmospheric details to set the mood. The underwater scenes look especially good with motion lines, bubbles and splashes.

If you’ve played Mass Effect 3 and you like Liara, you should pick this comic up even if you don’t read comics. It delves deeper into the way Liara thinks towards the end of the trilogy and displays more of the combat skills she’s learned since you first met her in Mass Effect 1. If you haven’t played the Mass Effect games, you probably won’t like this, but why would you buy this anyway? Homeworlds 2 and 3 are also good (they’re about Tali and Garrus respectively) while the first one wasn’t anything special (it’s about James Vega).

I do have to say though, for a mini series called Homeworlds, we barely see the characters’ homeworlds – weird.

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