Superman 13 review

This is my first issue of Superman’s self-titled series since issue 3 or 4 (don’t remember exactly when I dropped it). Since then, the series has switched writers several times, yet it still hasn’t received many favourable reviews. The only reason I picked this up was because it’s supposed to be a prelude to the H’el on Earth crossover with Superboy and Supergirl. Of course this comic doesn’t seem to have anything related to the crossover that Supergirl 13 doesn’t have.

This comic isn’t good, but I wouldn’t quite call it bad either. It’s just a collection of barely connecting scenes, some better than others. The beginning scene introduces a new scientist friend of Superman’s (as far as my research can tell). Some of the dialogue feels a bit wasteful and redundant, but the scene is good otherwise.

The scene at the Daily Planet has problems though. First, there’s Superman spying on Lois Lane’s personal messaging (she’s moving by the way), which makes Superman a creepy stalker. Shortly after that, Kent quits the Daily Planet. This could potentially bring Superman in an interesting new direction. These both feel like a slap in the face considering before the new 52, Superman was well respected at the Daily Planet and married to Lois Lane.

And then there’s the implications that print journalism is dying – it’s not. Sure, the industry is changing thanks to the internet, and newspapers that don’t adapt will slip away. Longer stories are being overtaken by shorter news stories and more photography. On the other hand, internet news websites continue to perform well – particularly with online entertainment news and professional blogs. At least in Canada, printed newspapers are making a comeback in the last few years with rising subscription numbers and new local papers popping up here and there. Scott Lobdell’s suggestion that print is dying feels like he’s living 10 years in the past.

Superman fights a giant monster near the end of the issue, which seemingly comes from nowhere. It doesn’t help that the fight feels like it ends before it truly begins. Supergirl then shows up and starts accusing Superman of lying to her about Krypton’s fate – that’s how the issue ends.

Also, the scene in Ireland takes place in oil sands. As far as my research can tell, Ireland has no oil sands. The only raw oil Ireland has access to is in the nearby ocean – feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about this.

The art is a little mixed as well. The panels where Superman is testing his strength against a machine look good, with all the moving mechanical parts and lights. Other panels seem to be missing details though, and a lot of the backgrounds are non-existent or look artificial next to the characters in the foreground.

If it weren’t for the developments for Clark Kent and Lois Lane, this comic would feel completely pointless. As it is, it’s a mediocre issue with several glaring problems and a total lack of emotional depth. It’s a shame, because I’ve read some of Scott Lobdell’s X-men work. He at least used to be better than this. This issue isn’t worth reading for the H’el on Earth prelude as it barely has anything to do with it, so I don’t feel comfortable recommending this issue to anyone.

Supergirl seems to be the best Superman related title in the main DC Universe right now – at least it has its own identity.

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