Red She Hulk 59 review

The last issue was a pleasant surprise for me, as was this one. After Betty Ross a.k.a. the Red She Hulk attacked a military research base and accidentally killed a test subject, the Avengers are chasing after her. So far this is like a classic Hulk book, except that the Hulk is actually smart.

At least half of this issue is either a chase scene, or one of several fight scenes. Even then, there’s still room for story and character development. We learn part of the reason why Red She Hulk attacked the research base, yet there’s still more to learn in the future. The fight scene is simply awesome – Betty Ross is full of surprises for the Avengers and keeps them guessing through the entire issue. She simply doesn’t hold back, and that’s refreshing for a Hulk book. There’s not much else to say about this one without spoiling the fun.

Since this is pretty much an issue long fight scene, the quality of the book relies heavily on how the art portrays the action. It’s a great looking book, and the action is easy to follow. The environmental detail is good too.

There’s not much else to say about this. It’s intense, fun and there’s lots of “Hulk Smash”. It’s what you should expect from a Hulk related book. This is an easy recommendation for anyone who wants to support a female-lead title, Hulk fans who are interested in the larger Hulk family, or those who are simply looking for something fun.

I previously didn’t care the least bit for the Red She Hulk, but Jeff Parker has convinced me to give this book a chance beyond the second issue.

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2 Responses to Red She Hulk 59 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    I’ve decided that Marvel should just make Jeff Parker their guy in charge of rehabilitating unpopular characters. I continue to love this series. Betty’s a cool character, and she’s cool as Red She-Hulk, too. Also, Tesla? As in, Nikola Tesla? Colour me interested. Anything with the ultimate Mad Scientist is going to be pretty cool. I wonder how it’ll mesh with Hickman’s use of Tesla in S.H.I.E.L.D., though.


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