Animal Man 15 review

Animal Man 15

This comic opens up with android Steel fighting an army of gorillas. In the next two pages, Animal Man punches a gorilla named Grodd in the face, and an army of Frankenstein monsters show up to help. Right there, I knew this was going to be a great comic.

Animal Man is stuck in a dark future where a plague known as the Rot has taken over the world. In issues 13 and 14 he met up with the few superheroes left, and they teamed up to try to restore the planet. Despite all that, this comic still finds time to explore Animal Man’s family life through flashbacks and a dream sequence. It’s this combination of awesomely weird action scenes and dramatic moments that make this storyline work so well.

The art isn’t as good unfortunately. There isn’t all that much detail, and the establishing shots of the Metropolis ruins look kind of boring. It’s at least colourful enough to tell every character apart though. It’s not bad art, but it feels kind of lazy.

This comic is delightfully weird. It’s dark, fun and dramatic. It’s rare to find a series that combines horror and a focus on the title character’s family life. There’s a recap balloon that explains everything you need to know, although it’s worth hunting down issue 13 and 14 as well. The only thing holding this storyline back is the art. If any of this sounds appealing though, you should check this series out.

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