Avengers 2 review

Avengers 2

The first issue of Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers had the six movie Avengers defeated by a mysterious and powerful enemy. It was a fun, yet confusing issue that was more build-up than payoff. This issue explains a lot of what was confusing in the last issue. The two main focuses are the threats to life on Earth, and expanding the main Avengers team. This is a good issue, but it’s not without its faults.

The threat to Earth might not exactly fit the description “villains”, but their goals probably aren’t as noble as they believe. They belong to an ancient race called “the Builders” that has been overseeing the universe since before the human race emerged. They are evaluating life on Earth to see if it’s worth preserving and advancing, or if it’s only worth destroying. The threat to Earth is very real, and it necessitates the expansion that the Avengers are going through. The part of the issue focusing on the builders is interesting, and explains pretty much everything that made the first issue confusing. It also has the only in depth characterization in this comic.

The other half of the issue is a montage of hiring people all around the world for the expanded Avengers team. It’s fun, but it’s not as good as the other half of this issue. With some of the new members, it doesn’t explain who they are or what their abilities are. Pretty much none of the pre-existing characters who are new to the Avengers have their powers described, when there could have easily been a quick summary beside their names in the caption boxes. It was also a bit odd that Spider-Man seemed concerned about money when he currently has a high paying job at Horizon Labs (this issue seems to take place before Dr. Octavius took over Peter Parker’s mind).

The art in this issue is great though. Despite the large number of characters in this issue, everyone is recognizable even without their uniforms. The environmental detail is often impressive, and the visuals help tell the story. While Jerome Opena can take a while to get used to, his art is the best part of this issue.

I’m not fully convinced to stick with this series yet, but it certainly has potential. The first two issues have been more build-up than anything else, yet this one is still fun to read. The final page’s cliffhanger promises an epic action scene in the next issue. While there isn’t much characterization for any of the Avengers yet, that could easily come later. If you like the Avengers, or are interested in checking out their comics after seeing this year’s movie, this is an easy recommendation.

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was a step in the right direction. Hickman needs to bring the character focus he excelled at in his previous books, but this could be a very good series.


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