Batman 16 review


Scott Snyder has been killing it with Death of the Family, a bat family crossover with the Joker as the main villain. Today’s issue is no exception.

This comic is a showcase issue, for both Batman and the Joker. Batman fights his way through Arkham City, easily dispatching several of his usual super villains and at one point, charges forward while riding a horse. But as awesome as Batman is in this comic, the Joker is even more awesome.

The art is great too. The fighting is shown almost exclusively through the art, and it’s always easy to follow. The great use of the darkness and the shadows within the asylum perfectly match the horrific nature of the Joker’s plans. As for the joker himself, his rotting face perfectly characterizes his insanity, as does his jester costume.

There isn’t much to say about this comic without spoiling it. It’s one big fight scene intermixed with the Joker’s crazy rambling and a hardcore cliffhanger. We could probably guess what will be revealed in the next issue, but that doesn’t limit my excitement one bit. The backup story further highlights how complete the Joker’s plan is, while exploring some of the relationships between Batman’s most famous villains.

In case it hasn’t been made clear enough, anyone remotely interested in Batman should be buying Death of the Family, it’s that good.

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5 Responses to Batman 16 review

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  2. wwayne says:

    This is probably the most unpredictable news I’ve ever heard in comics:

    What do you think about it?


    • healed1337 says:

      Can’t say I care much for the news. Sure, the Dark Knight Returns is a well-respected graphic novel, but why can’t DC bring in one of the other characters that have been missing since the new 52 began? Wasn’t Stephanie Brown (Batgirl before the relaunch) Robin for a time? What’s with DC’s obsession with hiding those characters?

      That’s not to say this won’t turn out alright. I might check it out, but I don’t care much for the news either way. What do you think?


      • wwayne says:

        Carrie’s return is the umpteenth publicity stunt DC has been churning out since the reboot started, and, as you said, there are some other disappeared characters who deserve to appear in the New 52 universe more than her… but Carrie’s related to one of the best comics ever made, so I’m very fond of her, and I admit that I exulted when I knew that she would have come back.
        As I wrote, Carrie’s related to one of the best comics ever made, so, now that DC decided to make her come back, I don’t think she will be a wallflower: even if Tomasi said that she’s not exactly the new Robin, I’m sure (and I do hope) she will be strongly present in Batman’s life from now on.


      • wwayne says:

        P.S.: Thank you for your reply! : )


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