Journey Into Mystery 648 review


The first two issues of Kathryn Immonen’s Journey Into Mystery run saw Lady Sif inflict herself with a berserker spell. The spell made her stronger, yet infinitely more aggressive and blood thirsty. She lost touch with her soft side and started hurting kids and fighting her own brother. The last issue ended with Sif being sent to another domain, where she almost immediately fought a large monster. That’s where this issue begins.

So far, Immonen’s run has been brilliant. There’s a strong sense of adventure and patriotism (towards Asgard) in it. After Sif’s opening fight, she meets three others who have been given the berserker spell years ago. They’ve since adjusted to the spell and learned to control it. Their backstory is compelling, and you get the sense that each one of them cares about Asgard at least as much as Sif does.

There’s also a fair amount of humour, mostly through Sif’s brutal tactics and thirst for battle. Much of this humour is told through the art, which is simple yet pleasing to the eye. The third page in particular shows how ferocious the spell has made the Lady as she continuously hacks at the blue-blooded beast. The other berserkers each have their own warrior look and levels of aggression that help separated them from each other.

This comic is a lot of fun. There’s a lot of action, which is balanced by intriguing story and character development. If you’re the least bit interested Marvel’s take on Asgard, you should definitely give this series a chance.

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2 Responses to Journey Into Mystery 648 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This is a lot of fun, balanced with an intriguing story. Sif’s hilariously violent, but it does lead to some concern over her state of mind. This is a great book.


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