Red She Hulk 62 review


So far, the Red She Hulk series has been awesome – simply awesome. Betty Ross is actively trying to stop a secret government project that is creating an army of supersoldiers. This army will eventually overtake humanity unless it is stopped. Of course taking on this government project has her wanted by the military, the Avengers and pretty much every law enforcement agency in the country. It’s a classic-style hulk story, but with conspiracies and a hulk that is fully intelligent when transformed.

This issue is no less awesome than the rest of the run so far, but it’s not without problems. The story is developed further, and there’s a very well-done action scene that takes up nearly half of the issue. Echelon, the superhuman project, is learning how to cancel her hulk outs. It makes for a very tense action sequence when she has to face off against super soldiers while stuck in human form.

The art is good too. While Captain America looks a bit … off in a couple panels, everyone else is easily recognizable. Betty Ross’s mix of fear and determination are perfectly drawn as she’s running away from gunfire. There’s also a lot of background detail in pretty much every panel. While not every page is impressive – the underground SHIELD base is just ok – the art is more than enough to help improve the storytelling.

There are only two problems worth noting in this comic. The first is that it starts a bit awkwardly. Issue 61 gave us a flashback about how Betty Ross first learned of the government project, and the destruction it would lead to. This issue begins in the middle of that flashback, and it’s a bit jarring if you don’t read issue 61 beforehand. The storytelling is still good, but it would have worked better if the entire flashback was in one single issue. The second problem is on the very last page – SPOILER WARNING – Jennifer Walters aka the original She Hulk shows up at the scene of a house explosion. She introduces herself as a lawyer, hiding her true identity. She wouldn’t have any reason to do this, as her hulk identity has been public for years. She must also still have some sort of Avengers credibility; she did work with them during AVX after all. That’s more of a personal gripe as a fan of the Sensational She Hulk, but it’s still worth noting – END SPOILER.

This is an easy recommendation for Hulk fans, whether you know anything about Red She Hulk or not. It’s full of great storytelling, great action and strong characterization.

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2 Responses to Red She Hulk 62 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    I don’t think Jen was really hiding her She-Hulk identity. More likely, she was there as a lawyer, so introduced herself as such. But yeah, I love this series. Parker’s killing it on here, which is no surprise. The guy’s awesome. He deserves to be doing bigger books, though I don’t want to see him leave the Hulks any time soon.


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