Batman Incorporated 8 review


Grant Morrison’s Batman Incorporated started out brilliant, and it only improved as it went along. It’s a mini-series about an international network of Batman’s allies working together to stop Talia Al Ghul. There’s lots of action, great artwork that helps tell the story, and a lot of very well-written dialogue. The last issue showcased how brilliant Batman is as a crime fighter, while simultaneously showcasing how ruthless and cunning Talia is. It was a brilliant issue that ended up with Batman’s capture, and Robin (Damien Wayne) convincing Alfred to allow him to get involved. That’s where this issue picks up.

As good as Batman Incorporated 8 is, it’s not quite as good as the last issue. In this comic, it’s Robin’s turn to shine. He has some great dialogue with Nightwing, and it’s so well done that it makes me want to read about when they were Batman and Robin together. There’s also a resolution to both Batman’s predicament, and the fight on the streets. The action is also great, and as with previous issues, the art only helps the storytelling along.

The problem is that both Nightwing and Red Robin are too easily dispatched. Nightwing is knocked out of the fight after being knocked into one display case, and Red Robin seems to disappear from the issue for no reason. Damien on the other hand is knocked into a display case, thrown into a knee the same way Batman was when his back was broken, shot with several arrows and yet he’s still fighting. I get that he’s supposed to be hardcore, but isn’t Nightwing also supposed to be tough?

These are relatively minor complaints though, as everything else about this issue is simply brilliant. It also has a very dramatic finish. To avoid spoilers (even if the marketing for this issue spoiled it), let’s just say that this is quite possibly the most important Batman issue to come out in the last year. If you’re a Batman fan, you really should be reading this mini-series. At the very least, check this issue out.

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4 Responses to Batman Incorporated 8 review

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  2. wwayne says:

    What do you think about Damian’s … well, you know what I’m alluding to? : )


    • healed1337 says:

      I haven’t decided yet; let’s just see where it goes. I haven’t read much of Damian, but I’ve enjoyed what I did read of Batman and Robin. At the very least, it could lead Batman in an interesting new direction. What about you?


      • wwayne says:

        My experience with the character is very limited, so I don’t care about his death very much. Also, Gotham had become too “crowded” (4 Robins, Batman, Batgirl, Batwoman and so on) in my opinion, so making the list of Batman’s supporting characters shorter could be a good move. As long as Nightwing is safe, of course : ). Thank you for your reply! : )


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