Secret Avengers 2 review


Secret Avengers 1 had Nick Fury Jr. and Maria Hill hiring several agents for the new covert ops squad. It was a decent comic, but it wasn’t anything special. This issue continues with building up the team, but a good chunk of this comic focuses on AIM’s new nation. It makes for a very interesting comic.

A good chunk of this issue is spent on exploring how AIM’s government will function. It’s fun seeing which villains will have different leadership positions, and how brutal some of their scientists can be. While AIM usually feels campy in their appearances, here they feel like a legitimate threat to 616 Earth. The final page in particular is awesome, and it could lead to some very interesting storytelling.

The rest of the book mostly focuses on Nick Fury Jr. and Taskmaster. Taskmaster feels a bit off here – he’s too much of a less zany, sane version of Deadpool. His scenes are decent, but not as interesting as the AIM scenes. Hawkeye and Black Widow (arguably the stars of issue 1) barely make an appearance here; they only show up in a kind of silly action scene. Mockingbird also makes a quick appearance – hopefully she’ll be a major player in this book too. There’s not much to say about the art – it’s a simple look that works.

Secret Avengers 2 was a fun read, with several very interesting story developments that could lead to a rather epic espionage plot. If a covert ops book starring Avengers characters sounds interesting, you should definitely check this out. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the first two issues quite enough to justify the $4 price tag, so I probably won’t be reading issue 3 (I would pick it up if it was $3 though).

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3 Responses to Secret Avengers 2 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was good. I like the AIM storyline. It’ll be interesting seeing where that goes.

    And Mockingbird! Hurrah! Seeing her be an awesome spy is good. I just hope, if she sticks around, she’s kept very separate from Hawkeye. Spencer needs to write her as a great and compelling character in her own right, not as “Hawkeye’s ex.” Frankly, I’d just as soon not have Hawkeye on the team at all – he’s too public an Avenger, and his presence will inevitably diminish Mockingbird’s character.

    Well, I guess I can only hope for the best.


    • thepuremood says:

      As always, you’re spot on about that. I think Spencer will probably acknowledge her past with Hawkeye, especially with the events of his solo comic, but I don’t think he’ll define her by it.


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