Action Comics 18 review


Here we are, Grant Morrison’s last Superman comic … for a while at least. His Action Comics run has been a bit up and down, but it’s certainly been a creative run. In the last few issues, Superman is being attacked by a being in the fifth dimension. It’s an enemy that is attacking him in multiple time periods at once. Because of that, this storyline has been a little confusing, yet it’s still been a great read.

In addition to this opponent from the fifth dimension, Superman also has to battle with Super Doomsday and a group of kryptonite powered beings. The action is immense in scale, matching the calculated insanity of the storytelling. Thankfully, he has help from his various allies that have shown up throughout Morrison’s Action Comics run. Toward the end of this comic everything starts to tie together, and it becomes a little easier to follow.

If there is a flaw with this comic, it’s that AC 18 tries to conclude too many plotlines at once. Some of them are lost in the grand scheme of things, while others feel a bit out of place. They all work on their own, but there are scenes that will be easier to understand if you re-read Morrison’s entire run. That said, the solution to the battle captures the spirit of Superman and the influence he has on the citizens of Metropolis.

The backup story further emphasises this with a one-off scene at some sort of museum in the year 2238; a kid learns from Superman’s example and stands up for a bully victim. Emotionally speaking, this may be the highlight of the comic.

The art is good throughout, and it helps make sense of the storytelling. Each of Superman’s enemies look equally intimidating in their own way. The pages where Superman is hallucinating from red kryptonite are particularly awesome, and are full of little references – some of which I even recognized despite being fairly new to Superman comics. Also, Grant Morrison makes a cameo in one panel.

While most will not fully understand exactly what happened in this comic, it’s still a great read. This is an easy recommendation for anyone who has stuck with Grant Morrison’s Action Comics run. If you haven’t read up to this point though, this is the worst jumping on point possible.


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