Supergirl 19 review


The last issue of Supergirl saw the title character collapse from the kryptonite poisoning she received at the end of the H’el on Earth crossover. This issue finally has Supergirl meeting Power Girl for the first time. It’s also, sadly, Mike Johnson’s last issue on this series, because this is probably the most enjoyable issue for Supergirl since the new 52 began.

The moment the two Karas meet, they are instinctively drawn to each other. By the touch of their fingers, their minds seem to connect for a moment. Both of their sicknesses are temporarily healed, and they instinctively get along right away despite their different pasts. What follows is an entertaining tale as they fight Lex Luthor’s minion, the somewhat cliché Appex, and then visit Supergirl’s own sanctuary. Plot wise, there are no real surprised for anyone who reads this series regularly, but it’s entertaining throughout.

The characterization is spot on here. Not only is Supergirl back in character (she seemed to have five different personalities in the H’el on Earth crossover) but Power Girl has much more personality here than in the lackluster World’s Finest series. Their personalities are clearly distinct from each other in how they talk and narrate, and even in their body language. The art is also good. It’s a simple, yet clean look with plenty of environmental detail. Kara (Power Girl) looks appropriately older than Kara (Supergirl), but they still look like the same person.

My only real complaint is that the last page cliffhanger feels a bit off.  If you don’t want spoilers, skip to the next paragraph. Power Girl carries the sick Supergirl into sanctuary and rests her on the bed. Right away, sanctuary recognizes that two Kara’s have entered. At first, it greets them both warmly and helps Supergirl fight her kryptonite poisoning. As soon as she recovers enough to stand however, Sanctuary decides that one of the Karas is a clone, and that all clones must die. Why didn’t it decide that right away? And since Sanctuary is designed to protect Kara, wouldn’t it at least ask first in case one wasn’t a clone? It’s a minor complaint, but still.

This is an easy recommendation for any Supergirl regulars. It’s also worth checking out for Power Girl fans and Superman fans who are interested in checking out his family. Ignoring Grant Morrison’s Action Comics, Supergirl has consistently been the best of the Superman related titles since the relaunch, and this is one of the better issues.


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