Superman Unchained 2 review


Scott Snyder’s Superman Unchained 1 was a great introduction to Superman. It introduced all the important minor characters, introduced an interesting plot, and showcased Superman doing what he does best. While it wasn’t the greatest Superman comic I’ve ever read, it was actually worth the $5 price tag. Today’s issue of Unchained is, in some ways, better than the first.

This issue kicks off by showcasing Superman save people in the way that only he can. It’s a good demonstration of both his abilities and his brilliance in using them. Snyder gives Superman a systematic approach to being a hero that feels kind of unique, and yet fits perfectly with the character. It’s also nice to see him return to the hero he’s known to be, rather than the inconsistent portrayal he’s had so far in the new 52.

After that, the story continues from the last issue. There are a fair number of subplots throughout this comic, and yet it never feels confusing or overcrowded. There’s an anti-technology terrorist group that uses … somewhat hypocritical methods. There’s another superhuman powered by the sun who is working for the military (as revealed in the last issue), and there’s another plot about Lex Luthor. Even though they don’t directly connect in this issue, it feels as though they will all tie together somehow.

There are a lot of character interaction as well. Superman and Batman have a quick conversation as Batman warns the title character about a possible threat, and it’s a nice little nod to Snyder’s own work on Batman without feeling out of place. There are a few quick scenes with Lois Lane, and it appears she’ll actually have an effect on the plot rather than simply being a damsel.

Jim Lee’s art is also very good, save for one minor complaint. If not for Clark Kent’s glasses, he and Bruce Wayne look way too similar when they’re talking to each other. Their heads are shaped almost identically, and even their hair isn’t all that different in style. Otherwise, this is a great looking comic. The action scenes flow nicely from panel to panel, and the environments have a lot of detail when they need to. The visual depiction of Superman’s powers may be the highlight here, ranging from his x-ray vision as he searches various environments to the part where he loses control of his heat vision.

This is a great Superman comic, and well worth the attention of his fans.

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