Cable and X-Force 14 review


While there have been smaller stories in-between, so far this series has been one extended plot. Cable has had premonitions of disastrous events, and must perform … questionable actions to prevent them. The first storyline at last comes to a close in this issue, and it’s such a good one.

There are two awesome things about this issue. The first is a hopeless fight between X-Force and the Uncanny Avengers. The UA team seems more in character here than their main series, but the real highlight is the humour between the two teams as X-Force is quickly dealt with. Wolverine’s “I don’t care” attitude somehow fits his character even though he’s usually the first to throw down in a fight.

The second awesome thing is Hope’s reunion with her father figure. Hope has a lot of funny moments in this issue: the simple “Sup” after time traveling into a convenience store as if everything’s normal, and future Hope making light on her costume and the last words between Cable and Hope at the end of the issue are just to name a few.

The art is also very good. As with before, future Hope does look like an older version of the same person. Even though some of the backgrounds are blank, there is plenty of detail. There’s one panel inside the Avengers mansion where you can see the fight outside the window – that was a nice touch. There is a lot of detail on every single character, both facial details and on their outfits. It’s a great looking comic all-round.

I’m so glad this series is doing well in general. While not every issue has been gold, the series does a great job at balancing story, drama and fun. There’s a strong character focus in general, and while there isn’t as much of that in this issue, it still exists. Cable volume 2 (the series where he raises Hope in the future) is one of the first titles I read all the way through, and I’ve become a bit of a fan of both characters (even if that series wasn’t always gold either).

This issue, and this series in general, is an easy recommendation for anyone who may enjoy a series about outlaw mutants. The team dynamic has been entertaining since issue one. While not all the stories are good, the focus on character development has remained consistent throughout.

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2 Responses to Cable and X-Force 14 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    It’s a fun book. And it has Cable getting stabbed in the head, so that’s something.


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