Cable and X-Force 15 review


Now that the Uncanny Avengers are off X-Force’s back for now, they can get back to their operations without worrying about the authorities too much. While it’s not quite the best in the series, this issue acts as a highlight reel of everything that makes Cable and X-Force an enjoyable title.

This issue kicks off a new story arc for Cable’s outlaw team. The team is split into three groups in this issue; Cable and Hope are working together to disarm a bomb, Domino and Colossus are trying to disable a sentinel, and Forge is doing the technical work for both groups while Dr. Nemesis and Boom Boom are screwing around. While neither of the away team’s missions on their own are all that exciting, the dialogue makes them entertaining; even hilarious at times. It’s not worth mentioning any individual character as they all have at least one great line.

As simple as these situations sound to people as powerful and experienced as Cable’s team is, Dr. Nemesis’s shenanigans cause serious problems for everyone, making the story interesting and giving us a great ending teaser.

The art, while decent, is a step down from CAXF’s usual high standard. Some of the environments are a little boring, although the cutaway panel of X-Force’s hideout is pretty good. Characters and important objects such as the bomb, the sentinel and the gadgets X-Force uses are all well drawn. Colossus’s metal skin shines appropriately, and while comical, character expression are well done. There are a few inconsistencies, but nothing too major. For example, Boom Boom has an earring in exactly one panel, and it’s not her only close-up where her ears are visible. Also while they don’t share panel time or hair colour, Hope and Boom Boom look almost identical. Still, the art works for the comic’s mood and the action is always easy to follow.

This is probably my favourite comic of the week. It has good action, great dialogue and spot-on characterization. Anyone who enjoys these characters, or is interested in an outlaw team of mutants should check this series out. This issue is a great starting point to a consistently fun series.

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2 Responses to Cable and X-Force 15 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    Lots of fun. And the return of the Adversary is an interesting development.


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