Nanowrimo journal, day 10

It’s been a bit over a week since my last blog post about Nanowrimo. I’ve been doing a lot of writing since then – more words in a week than I’ve ever done before. But this post isn’t about my writing; it’s about others’ writing from my fellow Kitchener/Waterloo Nanowrimo participants.

During the launch party, I talked with a few others about their story ideas. I’ll talk about them first since I know more about what they’re writing. To you guys, sorry if I don’t exactly remember your names. Sometimes I even have trouble remembering my character names, hence multiple word documents on their names and descriptions alone.

The first story idea is from one of the local MLs, Josh. He’s working on a trilogy that sounded rather fascinating. Instead of trying to describe it with my own words, I’ll just copy/paste his own synopsis.

“James Moore is a happy man. He’s got a smiling wife and he got her what she always needed: a neural augmentation. Two months later and she’s dying in a hospital bed but there’s hope in a man called Leon Daughit who proposes a theoretical solution, the only hope.
Eight months later, James is left rotting in a bar on the other side of the country, drinking himself to death and wondering what he should have done. Once again, hope comes in the unlikeliest of places with a woman called Mira. Mira has a plan to find James’ wife with his help and topple a world-wide conspiracy with it.”

He talked further about it as we discussed story ideas. Things get crazy with terrorist groups, sentient machine networks and a main character that evolved greatly over the course of the trilogy. He gave plenty more details, but I don’t want to say too much. It sounds like it would make a great speculative fiction movie series.

The next is more of a fantasy story, and probably a one-off. It’s a very interesting take on genies in a bottle. Here’s her synopsis.

“Cassie didn’t think her life would overturn from the simple purchase of an antique looking brass lantern at a flea market. Nor did she think that someone would come out, all genie like. But Jasmine is no genie, and will bite your head off if you call her as such. She’ll follow your wishes, but she doesn’t have any magical gifts except for making your life a living hell.”

The reality behind these “genies” is that they’re actually prisoners from centuries past, locked away in these bottles until they’re found and freed. Her username is cindersarah, so I’m guessing her name is Sarah.

The third person I talked to had a very different plan for the month. He was a little vague on what his book was actually about. Instead of coming up with a plan, he actually had friends of his sending him characters and situations to work with. Even during the party, he was awaiting a text, giving him something to start writing about. I … simply cannot write that way. When I write a novel, I need to plan in advance. I need to have an ending in mind before I start, so kudos to him for taking such a risk. Also sorry, but I don’t remember your name, nor do I know your username.

Those were the only people I directly talked to about their stories, but most people in the area posted their story ideas on the forum. I won’t talk about them all as this post needs to end somewhere, but I’ll post a few of their basic descriptions with their username.

Mwijbenga – “I am writing youth/young adult. It is about three friends (Marcus, Naomi and Logan) that accidentally find a locket. There are two pictures in the locket… one of a woman and one of a boy. The boy looks exactly like Marcus. From here on the three friends tumble into a mystery of ghosts, Halloween and treasures while trying to solve what the ghost is trying to tell them.”

RPGGUY25  – “I’m writing a modern fantasy about a world where people are born with journals that contain entries on everything they have done and will do. Basically whenever someone is lost or doesn’t know what to do they consult their journal which will tell them what they’re going. As such there are no secrets and no one can run away from their destiny. That is until a young boy is born with a blank journal. His parents lock him in their basement since his very existence could throw off the fate of every person in town and killing him is impossible since he doesn’t have a fated day to die and no one can kill him unless it’s in their journal. Plot consists of boy breaking out and finding a way to break people free of their fate”

Jessica888  – “I’m planning on trying to write some noir (with light sci-fi undertones) this year. It’s going to be about an author who gets sucked into his own novel and ends up in one of the villains’ roles. While in his novel, he falls in love with the hero. The problem is that the villain whose body he took over murdered the hero’s brother. Whoops. At least the hero doesn’t realize that (yet).”

The Madlib Hatter – “Basically it’s the future and the government has decided they have love down to a science. When a child turns ten, they have to go through intensive physical, mental, and compatibility testing. After everything is tabulated, the child gets matched up with another child of the opposite gender. These children will then get married when they both turn 18. The story follows two kids. 17 year old Damien is homosexual but got matched up with a girl and in order to flee his quickly approaching arranged marriage he runs away. Kath is 14 and was told that she’s an Incompatible, which means she doesn’t have a match. Nobody knows what happens to the Incompatibles, but Kath isn’t about to find out so she runs away too”

The second thing I wanted to talk about was the overnight write-in that happened last night. Write-ins are social gatherings were writers get together. This was my first write-in ever, and it was definitely worth going to. We had a lot of laughs, talks about nerdy stuff including comics, B-movies and Mass Effect (And how we were all OK with its ending, must be a writer’s thing). There were plenty of talks about our writing methods as well. I also got to talk more to one of the group’s published authors, who also happens to be a professional editor. I hope to talk with her more, as someone who hopes to get published someday. She was a little vague on the story she was working on, but it involves dragons, princes in hiding and other stuff. That sounds good to me.

After about 2 a.m., the write in devolved into everyone sharing silly YouTube clips. Shortly after that, I sadly had to leave. But it was certainly worth going to.

Three things I learned from the overnight write-in.

1 – a lot of writers seem to be nerds with broad interests.

2 – It’s a lot of fun writing in a group. Ten minute word wars (seeing who can write the most words in ten minutes), being able to help someone who’s stuck trying to find the word they want to use and just sharing your favourite sentences so far.

3 – I find it incredibly distracting, and it’s hard for me to focus on my own material. In three and a half hours I only wrote just over 2000 words. I can usually write almost 2000 in an hour and a half.

I’ll finish this blog post with a little more about my own writing. To win Nanowrimo, you have to write 50,000 words by the end of the month. Last afternoon, I finished with exactly that … by complete accident. Not just that, but I ended with the sentence “I hate shopping.” Guess what the next scene was. As of now, my exact word count is 55155. Symmetry is awesome.

The novel’s not done yet though, and I do intend to finish it. I may have a dilemma though. I’m now building toward the climax, yet I intend to keep writing through all of November. If I finish this novel before, say … the 16th, I have two other books planned out that I can start. I have yet to decide which one I want to do, and I’ll have to start planning now if I want to do that. If I finish the novel after the 16th though, I’ll just work on a bunch of short stories, and maybe try to continue the kid’s series I started in April.

And that’s it for now. Next time, I’ll finally talk about the series I started writing in January, and maybe about more of the other local writers’ ideas.

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