Supergirl 26 review


I wasn’t sure what to think of this issue on my first reading. Lobo is completely new to me, and this comic didn’t leave much of an impression. This comic was more enjoyable on my second reading, but it still feels a bit lackluster.

When Michael Alan Nelson left Kara, she had just finished a somewhat bizarre yet very entertaining confrontation with Cyborg Superman. Well, I enjoyed the story arc but there are those who disliked it. It ended with Supergirl having some form of acceptance, even if it was just the early stages. In this issue, her first few pages have her weeping after being tested to make sure the kryptonite poisoning is gone. It’s also stated that Supergirl went to visit Silver Banshee, only to find that she had another friend on the couch. Instead of at least asking what’s going on, Supergirl just leaves and assumes the worst. This feels like several steps back in her character development. There’s a lot of space used to explain everything that’s happened in this series so far, which is good for any new readers without being too pandering for regular readers.

Lobo’s introduction is alright. He appears threatening enough as a villain, and his twisted sense of code is entertaining. He didn’t leave much of an impression though – I completely forgot about his opening scene as soon as I finished reading the comic the first time. The only real thing about him that stuck with me was the comic’s ending, and I admit that I certainly didn’t see that coming. It’s an intense moment, and probably the only real highlight in this issue. I’m not sure how Lobo fans will feel about it though.

The art is very good. Again, I know little about Lobo or what he used to look like, but his appearance here is just as menacing as his actions. The background in his opening scene is filled with all the carnage he caused. The two page spread does a decent job at illustrating Supergirl’s experiences from the series so far, and she appears very sad when she’s supposed to. The fight scene between Supergirl and Lobo, while short, is very well drawn and easy to follow.

Maybe I would have liked this more if I knew more about Lobo. And there are several very positive reviews for this issue. Maybe the next issue will be a lot better. I’m still not sure how I feel about the upcoming Red Lantern story arc, it might be good. If you’re interested in trying Supergirl out, this issue does a great job at catching you up with the series. This is still worth looking into if you’ve been reading Supergirl since the relaunch, but it may be worth reading before you buy it.

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