Guardians of the Galaxy 10 review (and quick impressions for Superman Unchained 5)


Guardians of the Galaxy had just finished its Infinity tie-in, and the next issue is part of the Trial of Jean Grey crossover. So what do you do with a single issue about an intergalactic team of heroes? Blow stuff up of course.

GOTG 10 is all about Gamora and Angela teaming up against a bunch of Badoon slavers. The chemistry between these two deadly ladies is pretty much perfect, as they talk almost nonchalantly as they slay a number of slavers. The bulk of the issue is straight action, giving each character at least one impressive feat. It does little to advance the title’s overall story, but it does delve a little into Angela’s search for answers. But the real point is that this comic is simply fun and that’s where it excels.

The art is also very good. It’s a generally clean look, but there’s a lot of fine detail and lighting effects. There is a lot of background detail, and the variety of alien species within the slaves is impressive. The best aspect is the variety of facial expressions though. Gamora shows a number of looks, from the thrill of a challenging fight approaching, to the genuine concern she shows toward the slaves. Angela has several good moments as well, including her disappointment after learning her search brought less than desirable results. I’m still not a fan of her skimpy outfit, but her poses are much more intimidating than anything else.

I only picked up two comics this week. This was by far the more enjoyable one. It didn’t try to be deeper than it was, it just has fun. If you could enjoy a simple comic-long sci-fi fight scene with touches of character development and team building, you should at least read this.

The other comic I picked up was Superman Unchained 5. I don’t have enough to say about it for a full review, but it was also pretty good. The story is starting to get very interesting, and it ends with quite the cliffhanger. Of the primarily Superman books on the market (not including Superman/Batman or Superman/Wonder Woman as I’m not reading them), it’s quite possibly the best right now.


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One Response to Guardians of the Galaxy 10 review (and quick impressions for Superman Unchained 5)

  1. xmenxpert says:

    This was kinda meh, I thought. That’s been my feeling towards Bendis’ GotG as a whole, really. I don’t feel like he’s got a solid grasp of most of the characters.


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