Aphrodite IX 7 review


In the last issue of Aphrodite IX, the title character ran across a much newer model, Aphrodite XV. After an exhausting fight (for IX), the newer model invited her along to her base. That’s pretty much where this issue picks up.

Now that she has control of her mind, IX finally has a clear goal in mind – find her controller. XV tags along, even with the barrage of questions IX has. Meanwhile, the war between the cybernetically enhanced humans and the genetically enhanced (gens) is picking up. There’s some good character development with the king of the gens. There’s a great sense of mystery surrounding the post-apocalyptic world and what else remains in the shadows. There’s so much to like about this book’s world, and the execution is doing a good job at exploring it.

It’s also nice to see IX getting some actual character development. While her abilities were interesting enough in the first story arc, the way she was controlled and constantly had her own memory wiped almost made her more of a characacher than a character.

The art is also very good, although a slight step down from previous issues. There’s a lot of detail in both character designs and the backgrounds. The scene where the gens are attacking cyborgs is simply brilliant, as are the panels where IX is being scanned and you see her insides. While IX and XV both have green hair and a dot, they look distinct enough that you can always tell them apart – and that’s not even counting their different hair lengths. Some of the background colours blend together a little though, and they never did that in the first five issues.

I only tried the first issue because it was a Free Comic Book Day issue, yet this continually surprises me in how great it is. The story is intriguing, the post-apocalyptic war is actually kind of unique and the art is very good. This series is an easy recommendation for science fiction fans in general.

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