Witchblade 172 review


The light and dark is in unbalance. Jackie Estecado, the darkness wielder, has been killed. The witchblade, usually acting to balance them, has its role in the universe changed. Sara Pezzini, the former bearer of the witchblade, wanted nothing to do with this. Try as she may but Sara cannot escape the ancient artifact’s influence.

The first two issues since Ron Marz’s return to this title had Sara acting as a Sherriff two years after ridding herself of the witchblade. After a brief period of normalcy, the artifact once again throws her life into chaos. There’s a lot of mystery and confusion for the other local police, especially Sara’s deputy. The last issue ended with her finding a crazed psychopath and an Angelus warrior by Sara’s hospital bed.

This issue answers some of the questions raised by the weirdness, while also giving Sara part of the witchblade back. There’s a brief yet intense action scene followed by a basic explanation of what the witchblade is for any new readers. The cliffhanger will confuse new readers, but will likely excite long-time fans. To help new readers, there’s a long prose introduction to the Angelus after the main comic to help you figure stuff out. It’s not the greatest issue of Witchblade, but it’s more than enough to help carry the “Born Again” storyline forward.

The art is also solid. It has a generally clean look to it. There isn’t a lot of fine detail, but everything appears smooth and natural.  The action flows smoothly and there’s great use of blood splattering. During the action, it goes a little overboard with wide open mouths though.

The witchblade series is a great way to get your delightfully weird fix, and Ron Marz’s first run on the title is the best place to start. This isn’t as strong as his first run yet, but if this issue is of any indication it’s about to get awesome. I hope we’ll see more flashbacks explaining what’s happened to the witchblade since Sara had it removed.

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  2. Still sad that the TV show ended so abruptly.


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