She Hulk 1 review


It’s been too long since the original She Hulk had her own solo series. Originally created to protect the Hulk’s copyright, She Hulk has become a strong character in her own right. She’s the longest-time replacement member of the Fantastic Four, a long-time Avenger, a powerhouse lawyer, and has had well over 100 solo issues.

For those of you who don’t know much about her, there are three important differences between Jennifer Walters and her hulked-out cousin: 1, she has full control of her transformations, 2, she retains full intelligence while in Hulk form and 3, she loves being a superhero. Like her cousin, she’s also smart, but as a lawyer instead of a scientist. This issue perfectly captures all of this.

Issue 1 opens with She Hulk quitting a law firm after learning the real reasons they hired her. What follows is a bit of a legal drama as she works an independent case against Tony Stark. Don’t let the “legal drama” part scare you though, as it’s more comedic than anything else. Tony’s automated legal system is equal part powerful corporate team and part “so totally Tony Stark”. There’s a bit of superhero action, but the bulk of this comic focuses on how brilliant Jennifer is in court. While there is a lot of exposition, it’s always written in an entertaining way. As a lawyer himself, Charles Soule also brings a sense of authenticity to the lawyer portion of the book.

The art may be an acquired taste. I’ve read plenty of comments from people who despise the art, and just as many who love it. It’s a bit of a simple look, with a slight cartoon feel. Characters’ eyes are a little large and sometimes make characters look a bit younger than they should; there’s one panel where She Hulk almost looks 10. However there’s a lot of visual storytelling. The backgrounds often have a lot of details, especially through windows overlooking the city or the well decorated bar walls. The art often contributes to the humour, especially when Jennifer first arrives at Stark’s legal department. Facial expressions are great as well, from She Hulk’s various reactions to Stark’s excessive automation to the cold look of his lawyer “army”. The colouring is also worth noting, because She Hulk’s skin is actually drawn in different shades depending on her environment; she’s coloured with a lighter shade in the sunshine than a darkened hallway. That was a nice touch, and something most artists tend to forget about with unnatural skin colours. Personally I think the art’s fine, but I don’t like everything about it.

She Hulk is off to a great start. The characterization is perfect, and the title character is very well introduced. There’s a clear direction for the series, yet there’s plenty of room for surprises down the road. She Hulk fans won’t want to miss this, unless the art is that much of a turn-off for you. If you’re interested in a legal drama comic, here’s an entertaining one. If you want to check out the Incredible Hulk’s best legacy character, look no further. Or if you want to support female-led books in general, you should read this. Really, there are a lot of types of people that will likely enjoy this comic. Just read it.

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3 Responses to She Hulk 1 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was great. I love the legal aspects. And the Legal aspects. He was such a great satire of a scummy corporate lawyer, and it made Jen’s frustration so enjoyable. There’s a lot of great humour in this, with the art contributing a lot. This is definitely on my pull list.


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