She Hulk 2 review


This entire review could be “She Hulk 2 is every bit as good as She Hulk 1, and then some”, but that would be lazy.

She Hulk 2 opens with the title character at last starting her own law office. She starts off by interviewing possible office assistants, and then seeks past clients. These scenes are amusing the same way the last issue was. Having her office in a building rented out exclusively to people with powers could throw in some fun antics later on in the series, the same way Dan Slott’s run involved Superhero law. But the real fun begins after She Hulk’s seemingly futile first day in her office.

She meets up with Hellcat (a character I know little about) in a bar, which soon turns into a drunken night of superheroing. Well, Hellcat is drunk, but being a hulk really helps your alcohol tolerance. The following action scene is quick but satisfying, and ends with a classic Shulkie threat matched with a simple yet epic 2-page spread. By the look of it, we’ll be seeing more of Hellcat in future issues. The comic caps off with Kristoff showing up in She Hulk’s office, asking for legal help. This isn’t really a spoiler considering how he’s on the next few covers, and that he’s been talked about in several interviews.

As with the art in the last issue, it’s an acquired taste. I can fully understand why it may turn some people off, but I personally like it. It’s a fun look that fits the comic’s mood perfectly. The page introducing the superpowered offices shows a number of fun and unique powers. She Hulk’s expressions during her assistant’s interview perfectly depict her subtle reactions to this somewhat eccentric person. But the art is at its best in Hellcat’s scenes, whether in the bar with the multi-coloured backgrounds or Hellcat’s drunken mannerisms.

This is probably my favourite comic of the week, and not just because I like She Hulk. It’s just a fun comic about the Hulk’s lawyer cousin. Whether you’re a Shulkie fan or someone who wants to check her out, this is an easy recommendation … as long as the art doesn’t completely turn you off.

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5 Responses to She Hulk 2 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This is great. I’m looking forward to seeing more from the other people in the building. And I really hope Hellcat does become a regular in the book. She’s another character who’s always fun. The Happy-Go-Lucky Hellcat. The look on her face when She-Hulk offers her a job. That look was so priceless. So adorable.


  3. eightbitbrit says:

    “A drunken night of superheroing” love it. I enjoy the art a lot, but it’s def out of the norm.


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