Magneto 3 review


The thing that makes me laugh about this comic isn’t in the story itself, but opposite to a page where Magneto kills a thug in cold blood is an advertisement for a kid’s captain America toy. Cullen Bunn’s Magneto is most certainly not for kids. It’s Dexter meets the master of magnetism. It’s Magneto on the hunt for those who forcibly turn people into mutant hunting sentinels. It’s dark, kind of gruesome and very well written.

As with the first issue, this one opens with investigators interviewing a witness to Magneto’s rampage. What follows is Mag’s investigation into the forced sentinels. He journeys into a tent city, reminding him of the days of the holocaust. The flashback to the Jewish ghettos fits perfectly with the modern storyline, while also showing why Magneto has little mercy for those he’s hunting. There’s a lot of storytelling accomplished in 20 pages. It’s made better with the very brutal action toward the end, showing more creative use of his weakened metal powers.

The art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta is also good. It’s a simpler look with a gritty colouring style that fits the mood well. Facial expressions are often grim, but it’s fitting in this case. The tent city is full of background detail with its variety of tents and onlookers with their distrusting gazes. The flashbacks are completely black, blue and white, save for the red panel as someone is executed. The colour palette switching during the final action scene works in a similar way, adding to the brutal feeling of Magneto’s use of nails.

The first two issues of Magneto’s ongoing solo are very good. In fact, this comic makes the point that Magneto could probably hold his own TV miniseries. If there is anything to complain about, it’s that this issue is fairly predictable. That’s not really a problem for a story that feels as intimate as this one does. If you’re a Magneto fan, you should be reading this.

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2 Responses to Magneto 3 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was good. A cool story. Very brutal and merciless. The flashbacks to Warsaw were good.


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