She Hulk 3 review


“A taxi? Kristoff does not take taxis.”

The first issue of Charles Soule’s She Hulk was mostly a legal thriller, with only traces of superhero action. It had a real sense of authenticity, and was always entertaining and often hilarious. The second issue cut down on the legal talk, instead had Jennifer Walters interviewing possible assistants, and then having a drunken night of superheroing with Hellcat. This issue strikes the perfect balance between the two to make the most entertaining comic I read this week.

As with issue 1, the legal thriller side has a sense of authenticity, no doubt helped by the fact that Soule is a real-life lawyer. Walters is trying to help Dr. Doom’s son, Kristoff, seek asylum in the United States. She spends the first half of the issue interviewing him, touching up on case details. Of course, things get wacky once she learns the due date for applying for asylum is that very day.

The second half is where the comic goes from being entertaining to becoming an absolute blast. Doom throws everything at Kristoff just to prevent him from having his asylum approved. Kristoff’s attitude toward the chaos screams of “Doom’s son”, while She Hulk “professionally” entering the courtroom with torn clothes is so She Hulk. With all that happens in this issue, there’s still room for a few continuity nods.

The art by Javier Pulido won’t be for everyone, and that’s too bad. It’s a bit of a stylized cartoonish feel, but that’s perfect for this comic’s mood. It mixes old, simpler art with detailed backgrounds and bright colouring. Jennifer’s office is complete with various law degrees hung on the wall and her assistant’s monkey doodling on a notepad. The coffee shop feels alive with the crowded lineup, and it’s amusing how everyone’s looking at their phones – even one of the workers. She Hulk’s torn clothes flap around as she moves, and the close-ups of her eyes and arm transforming are brilliantly sequenced.

She Hulk is shaping up to be a great series. It’s a unique mix of superhero action and legal thriller that’s constantly entertaining. It’s a lighthearted comic, just as you’d expect from the Hulk’s sensational cousin. If you’re a fan of She Hulk, you should be reading this. Even if you don’t like the art, give the fantastic writing a chance. If you haven’t read a comic about her, now’s your chance to learn why She Hulk may just be the best of the hulks.

I know it’s kind of boring to have three very positive reviews in one day, but with a small pull list that’s full of comics that are all at least good, I don’t have much of a choice. I should try to pick up more bad comics on otherwise small weeks.

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7 Responses to She Hulk 3 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    The humour in this comic is fantastic. It’s hilarious. Great book.


  3. eightbitbrit says:

    You described Pulido’s art wonderfully. I just went back to check out that coffee shop scene. EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT THEIR PHONE. I like his art a lot. There are some things that lack detail.. and then things that seem bizarrely detailed; Like seeing all the teeth in their mouths upside down in the Fantasticar. And that doombot, Ernst, that freaked me out. haha. Great review! I didn’t know Soule was a lawyer!


    • healed1337 says:

      He is. Charles Soule has earned the reputation of being the busiest man in the industry. He’s a full time lawyer, he’s writing at least 6 ongoing titles (3 for Marvel and 3 for DC) and he has kids. In one interview he described writing comics as a more enjoyable pastime than watching movies.


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