Justice League United 1 review


There are several noteworthy things to point out before I start with this review. First, this was previously called Justice League Canada. One alternate cover even says Justice League Canada 1(that’s the cover I picked up). Second, this is actually the second issue, the first being Justice League United 0. Why? And third, it’s written by Jeff Lemire and features Animal Man, making this a sort-of follow up to his Animal Man series. With all that said, let’s begin.

Anyone jumping into this issue without reading Justice League United 0 will be confused. Not only is this the second issue, but it does little to explain what’s going on. Stargirl’s power staff won’t be explained, several fights begin with no setup, and a character just shows up with a flying suit that you might not remember from earlier in the comic.

Once you read issue 0 though, this is actually a lot of fun. The action is chaotic, the characterization is great, and there are plenty of little jokes. There’s one moment where a non-super hero kicks someone in the nuts, and then attributes her “skill” to watching a lot of hockey. It’s an oddly-placed reference considering there’s no kicking in hockey, but it still made me laugh. And even though the only two characters I have any knowledge of are Animal Man, Lobo and Green Arrow, I never found it hard to follow after reading issue 0.

The art by Mike McKone is also good. It’s a mostly simple look, but there are little details when you look closely. Trees have a bunch of leafless branches sticking out, and there are wrinkles on characters’ clothing that matches their poses and movements. Whenever Martian Manhunter uses his telepathy or someone is badly injured, the entire panel turns red, white and black for a neat effect.

This isn’t epic or deep, nor is it trying to be. It’s just a fun comic with a great variety of characters. That alone makes this an easy recommendation. Also, it’s the Justice League of Canada, so there’s an extra incentive if you’re a Canadian who reads DC comics.

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