Cyclops 2 review

CYCLOPS2014002-DC11-LR-41c66While the first issue of Cyclops was good, in some ways it was more of a oneshot than a first issue. It ended with Cyclops and his father, Christopher Summers, heading out into space together. This issue picks up where that left off, with just the two of them flying a spaceship to whatever corner of the Universe suits their fancy.

This is a good character focused issue. The young, optimistic Cyclops narrates about how interesting the universe is. While there are similarities, he’s a stark contrast of the older, hardened Cyclops. He’s a more balanced, fun-loving character in that sense, and there are so many different ways Greg Rucka could take him as this series goes on. Instead of worrying so much about mutant issues and his attraction to Jean Grey, he’s free to just enjoy himself and holographic simulations that can somehow affect his taste buds. Despite this, he’s still growing fast into the skilled combatant and tactician who’s been leading the X-men for years.

Meanwhile, his father has enough issues to complicate their, uh … what’s the space word for road trip? He’s a wanted man who is chased by all sorts of bounty hunters. To complicate things, there are hints that he has health problems that will come into play soon. Although this issue doesn’t have too much conflict besides the ending fight scene, the cliffhanger suggests that things are going to get rough soon.

The art by Russell Dauterman is very good. The opening page is a montage of the different experiences they share. They’re seen floating in space with glowing balls (complete with a neat shield effect for Cyclops’s special helmet), watching a sporting match of some sort, and seeing all sorts of interesting planets. There’s a great variety of aliens on display, some either familiar or resembling human while others are bizarre looking. Christopher’s friend is a large creature with tentacles for arms, legs and a beard. The girl that Cyclops briefly hangs out with has oddly shaped ears, yet is still attractive. The action scene flow smooth, with all sorts of fun effects from Cyclops’s eyebeams and the high-tech weapons the bounty hunters use. There’s almost too much to talk about with the art.

This is a great comic. The moments between father and son are well written, along with their encounters with both friendly and hostile aliens. The story is light so far, but the comic is obviously building toward something. It’s not easy to write a solo series for a straight man character, but not only is Rucka doing well, but this issue is better than the first. If you’re a fan of Cyclops, you really should give this a chance. Even if you don’t intend to read this comic, at least flip through it to look at the fantastic artwork.

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This is a good series. II still would’ve liked for the Starjammers to have stayed around. And Scott needs some new clothes, because he looks like a dork.


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