Vampirella 1 review

VampiVol2-01-Cov-Dodson-7b7eeHaving only read a few scattered issues, I know very little about Vampirella. Yet as someone who reads a lot of comics and is writing a novel series about vampires, I’ve always been curious about the title. A reboot by Nancy A. Collins that doubles as a 45th anniversary sounds like the perfect place to start.

Vampirella 1 opens with a child being kidnapped by her cultist father, perfectly setting the mood for this rather dark story. The issue spends much of its time developing the cult and the demonic entities they worship, exploring how the girl’s father became tied with them, and what they’re planning. Saying anything more about the plot would spoil the fun of watching everything unfold. The title character isn’t explored too deep in this issue, but she feels interesting enough to carry a series.

The art by Patrick Berkenkotter is solid. The room where the child is kidnapped from is a highlight, with the darkened interior lit by the moon, the shredded bed, the broken window and the “She Is Ours” message written in blood. It’s a delightfully creepy image that helps set the mood for the rest of the issue. The drawn faces do a good job at expressing emotions, with the insanity behind the cultists’ eyes, the tired appearance of a drugged character and the downright scary appearance one character has after a dark ritual.

I’m not sold on Vampirella’s red bathing suit outfit, but perhaps it’ll be explained the way Red Sonja’s reboot explained her bikini armor. Besides, sexuality is a fairly common theme in vampire fiction so it’ll slide for now. Her Red Sonja oneshot last year was also solid.

Vampirella 1 is a good start for the reboot. It’s dark, creepy, and the ending cliffhanger promises that this storyline could get very intense. If you’re looking for a horror and/or a vampire comic series, this is worth checking out. I plan on reading issue 2.

Now I feel like reading one of Nancy A. Collins’s novels.

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