She Hulk 5 review

shehulk2014005_dc11_lrThe first four issues of She Hulk hinted at a legal suit, nicknamed the blue file. The blue file is of a lawsuit where a man from North Dakota sued a number of superpowered people, both heroes and villains, including She Hulk, Shocker and Tigra. With no memory of the case and nothing else to work on in her new privately owned law firm, Jennifer Walters and her co-workers begin searching for answers. That’s where this issue picks up.

This comic is split into three scenes, each featuring one member of Jennifer’s legal team. Jennifer visits The Shocker, Hellcat visits Tigra and Angie (Jennifer’s office assistant) heads to North Dakota to search for more paperwork regarding the case. Jennifer’s scene is the most entertaining, which begins with a brief yet amusingly pointless chase scene, followed by … a hero buying a villain Chinese food? Who saw that one coming? Their conversation on the villains’ rating system on superhero toughness is hilarious, as is Shocker’s method of trying to jog his memory. The Hellcat/Tigra scene is more sentimental since the two characters are costume buddies, but things turn foul when an unexpected plot twist occurs. The third scene develops Angie’s quirky personality while also having a rather surprising ending. Put the three of them together and you have a fair amount of mystery building and story development, all while having excellently written dialogue and great characterization.

While the writing is close to flawless, I’m not a fan of the art. Ron Wimberly’s art is stylistic and fits the comic’s mood well, but I’ve never been a fan of this style. It’s full of odd character body shapes and there isn’t too much fine detail, but there’s a good sense of visual storytelling through hidden background details. The panels often use interesting angles and interesting close-ups. It’s good, but I don’t like it.

Even with my distaste for the art, this is my favourite comic of the week, and I’ve said that for every issue of She Hulk so far. This is just a fantastic series that successfully combines entertaining writing, compelling legal drama, great cameos from famous Marvel characters and delightfully creative moments. It’s among the more unique comics on the market, superhero or not, and it’s an easy recommendation for She Hulk fans, people who are interested in checking out her character (and contrary to David Goyer’s beliefs, she is not a slut), or anyone who could see themselves enjoying a hybrid of legal thriller and Superhero action.


I’m sorry, but until he says something about it, I will never let Goyer’s wrongheaded “She Hulk is a slut” thing go.

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    Yeah, this was great. The Jen and Shocker scene was a lot of fun, the Hellcat/Tigra scene was sweet, and Angie weird. Lots of mystery, and while there’s less humour than usual, it’s replaced with great drama. I’m very interested in seeing where this goes.


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