Comics of August 6, 2014

I finally saw Guardians of the Galaxy last night and for those who haven’t watched it, it’s fantastic. If I have any major complaints about it right now, it’s that I can’t buy it on Blu-ray yet. So what’s a good way to help tie me over for whenever I do see it a second time? Two good Guardians of the Galaxy related comics releasing in one week.

The comics I picked up this week include Legendary Star Lord 2, Rocket Raccoon 2, She Hulk 7, New Warriors 8, Black Widow 9, Superior Spider-Man 32, Vampirella 3, Blood Queen 3 and Cyber Force 10. Here are my first impressions, and links to full reviews will be added as they’re posted.

Rocket Raccoon 2 review

She Hulk 7 review

Legendary Star Lord 2 is fun. It plays off on the same suave con-man qualities that Star Lord showcased in the movie while developing his half-sister introduced in the last issue. I wouldn’t call this issue particularly special, but it’s an enjoyable read and is so check it out if you enjoyed the movie.

New Warriors 8 is alright. Some of the banter between the different Warrior team members is fun, but with how mediocre this series has been so far it’s hard to remember what happened in the last issue. Because of that, this issue felt like a bit of a mess with all the different scenes switching back and forth. It’s a shame, because this is where the Scarlet Spider went after his very good solo series ended. New Warriors just hasn’t been very good so far, so I’m dropping it.

Black Widow 9 is good. While it is advertised as a crossover with the Punisher 9, I forgot to pick up Punisher 9. That’s fine though, because this stands on its own fairly well. This is mostly from Black Widow’s perspective and we don’t learn why the Punisher is there or what he spends most his time doing. Anyway, it’s a solid action issue where she continues her investigation on a ship that’s about to explode. If you’re interested in an espionage series taking place in the Marvel Universe, this series is for you.

Superior Spider-Man 32 is fun. Spider-Ock finds himself in the future, and then stumbles upon a multi-dimensional rampage on Spider-Men. It acts as a prelude for the Edge of the Spider-Verse event, so whether you’re excited for the event or want to see more of Spider-Ock, you should at least read this.

Vampirella 3 is good. Vampirella begins her quest to fight the shadow entity that’s been forced into her mind. On the way, the shadow starts to take over. It’s hard to describe in one short paragraph but the comic explains it well enough. If the first two issues didn’t make it clear, this is a straight up horror series starring a vampire who is trying to cling to her humanity, but the shadow entity is making that extremely difficult.

The Blood Queen 3 is alright. With this issue they’ve made it clear that this series based on Elizabeth Bathory (quite possibly the worst serial killer in history) is taking the slow burn for a longer, epic story. The build-up is interesting, but for an untested series of this kind, there really should be more payoff in the first few issues. The first issue had some decent action and sinister build-up, but the last two issues have felt slower. Still, I’m willing to give this at least one more issue to show more than medieval politics and backstory.

Cyber Force 10 is mediocre at best. Like I said with this week’s New Warriors, it’s hard to remember a comic that’s just alright. This time I remember virtually nothing from the last issue, no doubt because it’s been several months since. Really, the only reason I picked this up is because it’s the last issue so far as I can tell, so I might as well complete the series. Unless you’ve enjoyed this Cyber Force volume though, don’t bother. Nothing that happens in this issue is referenced in Aphrodite/Cyber Force #1.

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1 Response to Comics of August 6, 2014

  1. xmenxpert says:

    Star-Lord was good. Fun. I like Medina’s art.

    Rocket Raccoon was great. Tons of fun.

    She-Hulk was really good, with a lot of great dialogue. Some very nice drama, too.

    New Warriors was good. I enjoyed it, at least.

    Black Widow was cool.

    Superior Spider-Man was pretty good.


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