She Hulk 7 review

SHEHULK2014007-DC11-LR-5ca75The last issue of She Hulk wasn’t kidding when it titled this one “Small Victories”. Every series about the Jade Giantess must have at least one crazy adventure, whether in space or involving scientific antics, and today’s issue is Charles Soule’s turn. And after a second reading, I’ve decided this is my favourite comic of the week.

When another tenant in the building housing She Hulk’s law office asks for help, She Hulk finds herself shrunken in a backyard searching for his partner. Their shrink ray project is a much cheaper solution when compared to Pym Particles, but with the slight problem of making living tissue explosively unstable. What follows is an adventure resembling Honey I Shrunk the Kids with a Hulk. The adventure itself is consistently entertaining, and involves a much welcome appearance by Hank Pym.

Even with all the exposition required for the one-off story and plenty of great banter, there’s still room for a bit of drama between She Hulk and Hellcat. Hellcat is feeling underqualified in this adventure, working with Jennifer who is not only much stronger than she is, but smarter too. It doesn’t do well for her current mental state when Jennifer unintentionally insults her. They do manage to make amends the end of the story and strengthen their bond through it, plus Hellcat has a moment of glory. It’s that little touch that completes this issue.

Javier Pulido’s back after a 2-issue break, and while some may not enjoy his art style, it’s very good. It’s a classic style that’s deceptively simple-looking. In the client’s lab there’s plenty of environmental detail, with all the flasks and tubes organized in cupboards and shelves. In the early pages there are four panels that appear very similar at first (while She Hulk is speaking with the client), yet in each panel Hellcat holds a shrunken Captain America figure in different positions. After the group shrinks down, there’s a great sense of scale when the three of them stand in a tiny patch of land with all the blades of grass towering over them and the giant bugs flying in the air. The facial expressions are also great with showcasing each character’s changing emotions, especially Hellcat’s grin when she first wears Ant Man’s helmet.

This series might just be my current favourite solo series, Marvel or DC. It’s remained consistently entertaining and strikes a great balance between legal thriller and a Superhero comic. The legal thriller aspect always feels authentic, no doubt thanks to the fact that Soule is an actual lawyer. Marvel’s been doing very well with female-led titles lately, and this one is both the most unique and potentially the best. Just give it a chance if you haven’t already.

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  1. xmenxpert says:

    This was fun, though I will say the repeated panels annoyed me. Pulido couldn’t have changed the expressions just a bit? I mean, I liked Patsy playing with her Cap toy, but it still felt lazy and cheap, and it took me out of the comic. Other than that, it was a lot of fun, though. And I liked the drama between Jen and Patsy. Also, Patsy deciding the helmet was stupid after all.


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