Captain Marvel 6 review

CAPMARV2014006-DC11-LR-c7efcKelly Sue Deconnick’s second volume of Captain Marvel has been a work of genius so far. After sacrificing her memory to save Earth in the previous volume, she headed out into space to re-learn what matters to her the most. She’s worked with the Guardians of the Galaxy (mostly in their series), but more importantly, she’s been trying to save an entire race. This storyline isn’t only epic in scale, but it questions the very nature of a superhero and whether their usual methods of punching the villain can truly save anyone.

Captain Marvel 6 begins where the last issue left off, with Carol Danvers flying into space to challenge an entire fleet of Spartax Empire battle cruisers on her own. Meanwhile, her team of aliens have discovered exactly why their friends are getting sick and what the Spartax Emperor, J’Son, wants so much. Their planet of Torfa happens to have a huge untapped supply of vibranium, and mining the valued metal too fast is poisonous. This issue is split up between Carol’s battle in space and her alien friends confronting J’Son with this information. The solution to their problem feels very satisfying, and while Carol cannot solve it on her own, she’s still a very important part of the solution.

The story isn’t the only strength in Deconick’s writing though. She’s a master at writing dialogue and it shows here. Each character has their own way of speaking, and they all feel like real people. Captain Marvel’s speech before the space fight is hardcore. J’Son sounds like an entitled emperor who’s too proud to admit his folly. The leader of the Torfa aliens sounds both intelligent and concerned for the survival of her people. Truth be told, I’m kind of envious about Deconnick’s dialogue writing abilities. Unfortunately, one expression feels out of place. One of the Spartax ship commanders comments that they’re no more afraid of Captain Marvel than an elephant is afraid of a gnat. How does he know what an elephant is?

The art by David Lopez is good too. It’s a mostly a smooth, simple appearance, but there’s plenty of detail when there needs to be. The panels in space have a great detailed view of the planet from orbit displaying both weather patterns and a general map. The Spartax fleet has a varied assortment of ships and the battle is all sorts of intense, although there are fewer lasers being fired than there perhaps should have been in some panels. There’s a great variety of appearances among the aliens of Torfa. The facial expressions are well varied and feel real, from J’Son’s smug appearance when threatening Torfa’s population to the rage of its civilians and leaders.

It feels sad that we may not see much of the Torfa crew again. They were built up into a fun, well varied cast of characters. At the same time though, sometimes it’s best to leave these kinds of characters as they are, and there are too many characters in the Marvel Universe to begin with. In short, if you read Marvel Comics at all, you should be checking this title out if you haven’t already. It has a very dedicated fan following known as the Carol Corps and it deserves more recognition.


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2 Responses to Captain Marvel 6 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    I was hoping to see a bit more of Carol kicking ass. But there was a whole lot of story to fit in, so it’s OK that the ass-kicking was mostly off-panel. We still know it was happening. We still know she held off the entire Spartax fleet by herself. Great writing, and great art. Also, surprise space lesbians!


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