Amazing X-Men 11 review

4108573-amx2013011_dc111-page-001The Wendigo crisis is in full swing, with much of Canada infested with the beasts that each can potentially match the Hulk. With Wolverine as one of them, the remaining X-Men and Alpha Flight members have the odds stacked well against them.

Amazing X-Men 11 spends most of its page time developing the story and dealing with the immediate aftermath just across the border. So far, whenever the Wendigo beast leaves Canada, they turn back into humans since in the Marvel Universe, the curse is limited to Canadian soil. Some of the development works, including the mythos behind the spirit realm and the beasts in charge. When there is action, it’s intense and fun. The cliffhanger only makes the situation even worse and I won’t spoil it, but it’s exciting. But for everything that works in this comic, there’s something that doesn’t.

Having not read much of Alpha Flight I could be wrong (feel free to correct me in the comments), but I was always under the impression that Northstar and Aurora (twins) got along fairly well. In this comic, they seem to bicker pointlessly when there are much larger problems at stake. Sure, some of it may be banter and is kind of funny, but some of their later lines seem a bit mean spirited. It also feels off when the normal wendigos are afraid of Wolverine’s wendigo. Yes, Wolverine is supposed to be tough, but for the most part the beasts are fighting alongside each other, so why are they running from him? And why are the X-Men considering running from him when Rachel is there and could, you know, telekinetically hold him in the air so he couldn’t move. If he’s the only wendigo in the area, he really shouldn’t be a threat to them.

While the writing has its ups and downs, the art by Carlo Barberi is solid enough. The action is easy to follow and the environmental detail helps add to the settings. When Iceman somehow revives spirit dogs, they look appropriately cute and friendly. Some of the facial expressions make characters look bored, but one could argue they’re showing fatigue instead.

When it was announced that Craig Kyle and Chris Yost were finally teaming up again for an X-Men book I was excited. Their runs on New X-Men and X-Force were the first full comic runs I read in full. I still enjoy both of those titles. It’s possible that they’ll reach that quality level again, and apart from this issue the World War Wendigo storyline has been very enjoyable, but with this slightly above mediocre entry my excitement has waned. Still, this is at least worth reading for anyone who has enjoyed this storyline so far.

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3 Responses to Amazing X-Men 11 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    Northstar and Aurora have traditionally had something of a mixed relationship. Sometimes they’re close, sometimes they’re strained. But yeah, the bickering between them felt off.

    Still, I enjoyed this issue. It was a good one.


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