Thor 4 review

THOR2014004-DC11-42d09When Marvel first announced the new Female Thor, we all knew it was only a matter of time before she fought the original. It’s a bit of a classic superhero cliché where two teams first fight each other before they team up to destroy the common enemy. In many cases it feels tacked on, but in this issue their fight is completely warranted. Thor is obviously upset that someone else is wielding his Mjolnir and he really wants it back.

After a brief flashback, this issue starts exactly where the last left off, with the two Thors meeting in the middle of an Ice Giant invasion on Earth. The dialogue between them is perfect and often amusing. Lady Thor’s early attempts to calm Odinson down are only met with further hostility, leading to an epic brawl that leaves the giants confused. Their arguing flows naturally, and when they do finally team up, the fight is just fun. The comic ends with Odinson clearly depressed, but he’s grown to accept Mjolnir’s decision to grant Lady Thor his power. What made issues 2 and 3 work so well was how Thor’s internal narration felt human while the hammer seemed to make her talk like Odinson. That still happens in this issue, but it’s reduced by necessity to focus on the action and story.

Russell Dauterman’s art remains fantastic. There’s a lot of character detail, from Thor’s scruffy face to the varied outfits on the ice giants. The environments are equally detailed with the debris flying around while the Thors brawl. My favourite panel might just be Odinson’s look of surprise after Lady Thor kisses him, but the most impressive image is easily the two-page spread where they fight alongside each other.

Jason Aaron is killing it with his second volume of Thor. Fans of the Asgardian superhero should still read this, since it’s equally about the original as it is about Lady Thor, while anyone interested in a female wielder of Mjolnir should also check this out. Unless you either don’t read Marvel, you dislike Thor or you have budget constraints, there is no good reason not to give this a chance.

I read so many good comics this week that I’m not sure which is my favourite, but Thor 4 is definitely in the running.

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2 Responses to Thor 4 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was a good comic. Lots of fun. Good fighting. And Roz Solomon seems even more likely as Lady Thor, since Jane Foster has a husband, so her kissing Odinson would be weird.


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