Vampirella 9 review

VampiVol2-09-Cov-A-Mayhew-c2b96In Vampirella 7, an outbreak of a super virus occurred in Brazil. The virus, which resembles Rage in the 28 days later series, blends science and magic and was created by the accursed. Who are the accursed? A group of people cursed to wander the Earth for an eternity, knowing the evil they’ve committed in the past and having no way to die. This might not sound much like a vampire comic, but it’s supernatural-based horror all the same.

After removing Dr. Faustus from the picture in the last issue, Vampirella takes on Medea, a powerful sorceress who was cursed because she killed her helpless kin centuries ago. They mythology behind her is fantastic, and her motives are far more complex than Faustus’s desires to wipe out humanity out of his boredom. Her actions are somehow both sympathetic and despicable. This leads to another outbreak, this time in Athens, followed by big action scene involving a hydra, Vampirella, a werewolf and a magic duel. After the fight concludes, the issue ends with quite the cliffhanger when it reveals the next member of the accursed.

Patrick Berkenkotter’s art remains great. The darker colouring fits the comic’s mood well, and it never feels muddy or unclear. Those affected by the virus sprout black liquids from their mouth and crazed eyes. The flashbacks to Medea’s past make great use of historical backgrounds, varied outfits and single panels that tell complete stories within the main story. The action flows smooth, both in the outbreak on the streets of Athens and the battle between Medea and Vampirella’s allies. And of course, the vengeful grin on Medea’s face when she starts killing people works perfectly.

While this issue isn’t great, it’s good. This arc contains a smart mix of an apocalyptic situation, mythology and action to keep the pace up. Just keep in mind that even though “vampire” is a part of the title character’s name, this arc doesn’t have much to do with vampires besides Vampirella just yet. If any of this sounds interesting, Nancy A. Collins’s Vampirella series is worth recommending.

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