She Hulk 12 review

480Tis a sad day when Shulkie’s All New Marvel Now series comes to close, but that’s what happened today. It’s been a delightful series that meshes legal drama with superheroing, yet for the most part, the legal drama comes first. Charles Soule’s She-Hulk quite possibly remained the most unique title that Marvel had to offer during its run, and almost every single issue was my favourite comic of its respective release week. So how does this fantastic series end?

She-Hulk 12 concludes Soule’s run with a very entertaining comic, and one that answers every question that remains. The whole series really does feel like one story, even if a couple issues take a break here and there. It’s a story about Jennifer Walters opening her own legal business and building her own client base, instead of hopping between different legal firms over the years. It’s a story about her dealing with a mysterious blue file – a lawsuit aimed at a seemingly random group of heroes and villains filed by a man since killed. The previous issue revealed that an obscure superhero, Nightwatch, is behind the file being hidden for years.

The backstory behind the blue file is explored in full, revealing not only why Nightwatch wanted to hide the file, but exactly what his game is. It’s an intriguing story that’s best left unspoiled. While this series has been more legal drama than superhero comic, this issue is one big fight interweaved with the backstory. The fight is fun, the dialogue is often amusing, and there’s a life lesson thrown in that’s worth telling.

The comic ends with several teasers; one for the upcoming Howard the Duck series and one for Soule’s Inhumans series. The final line, “see you in court”, is perfectly fitting. A letter after the story finishes promises that Soule intends to bring She Hulk into some of the other titles he’s writing. Since the Wrecking Crew and the Punisher have both appeared in Wolverines, I have to wonder … and hope that Jennifer will show up there. The letters after the main comic are well worth reading, as both the editor and Soule say goodbye to a series that felt special to both of them. On that front, I have to ask if Soule’s Inhumans series is worth checking out since I haven’t read any of it.

The art by Javier Pulido, as usual, is great. It’s a bit of an odd style that might take some getting used to and the flat appearance will turn off some, but there’s a lot to like about it. The town in the flashback is compete with a good variety of buildings, a fancy magical barrier and a fight complete with a number of character cameos and civilians running for safety. There isn’t much background detail during the fight scene between She Hulk’s legal team and Nightwatch, instead the art focuses on the fight itself. Jennifer’s expression after Nightwatch’s hypnotism takes over is priceless, and the close-up panels show the intensity of the fight. And finally, we get one last look at Jennifer’s office, complete with the damage that Titania caused in issue 11.

Tis a sad day indeed, but Soule’s She-Hulk run will always remain. It works well if you read each issue one at a time, and works even better if you read the series as a whole. Whether you enjoy Jennifer Walters, are interested in a legal drama that happens to star superheroes or you want to check out the Hulk’s cousin, this series is an easy recommendation. It’s fun, it’s dramatic (especially with the 3-part arc with Captain America and Daredevil) and it tells a complete story. Do yourself a favour and read She-Hulk. And in case anyone in the creative team is reading this, thank you.

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was a great run, and it ends on a high note. I’m sad to see it go.


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