All New X-Men 37 review

ANXMEN2012037-DC11-c3ea4One of the scariest prospects in the X-Men franchise is Jean Grey and Emma Frost becoming friends, yet that happened in All New X-Men 30. In a psychic exercise first meant to anger Jean into attacking her, they started laughing about something undefined (probably Cyclops). Ever since, we’ve been looking forward to an issue exclusively focusing on the pair, and that’s what today’s issue is.

Jean Grey and Emma Frost travel to Madripoor for a field training exercise, while also dealing with several loose plot threads in Brian Michael Bendis’s X-Men run. It’s a fun comic showing that, while the two of them get along much better than Emma and adult Jean Grey, they still have issues to work out. Emma frost’s dialogue is at its best, with a number of insults and quips hiding her good intentions and softer side.

The action itself is intense, and is beautifully painted by Del Mundo. After Emma disables Jean’s telepathy, she must rely on her telekinesis to single-handily fight an entire gang of Blob’s thugs before taking on the MGH addicted powerhouse. The action is complete with plenty of debris flying around and good use of motion blur. One page contains a great cross-section of the Blob crashing through multiple floors, causing all his followers to fall through. The streets are complete with details like four-eyed rats, signs, graffiti, an abandoned ice cream truck and the ruins that used to be a mall.

If you like either Jean Grey or Emma Frost, this issue is a must buy. They play off each other very well, making for an entertaining yet dramatic comic from start to finish. If there is a notable flaw, it’s that neither Iceman nor Beast show up even though they’re on the cover.

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2 Responses to All New X-Men 37 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was a really great, really fun issue. Emma and Jean have a fun chemistry. Emma’s in full teacher mode here, which is always nice to see – she’s at her best when she’s teaching, I think. And man, Del Mundo is a phenomenal artist.


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