Wolverines 14 review

4497949-wolvs2015014_dc11-0After 6 issues in a row of ignoring the main Wolverines story, we finally get back into one of the plot threads that began in Logan Legacy. In Logan Legacy 7, a Weapon X experiment, Siphon, stole Daken’s healing factor. Now Daken finally goes out for revenge, with X-23 in tow. Normally I save this series for a monthly review of all four issues, but since I’ll be away for the last week of April and the first two of May, I might as well review this and next week’s issue, and then review the next four after that in one chunk.

The main story, along with Mystique’s manipulation, is touched on quite a bit in this issue. It’s made clear that most of the Wolverines don’t trust her, yet they’re forced to play her game at this point. But this issue’s main focus is on Daken and Laura’s relationship. While some of Laura’s dialogue doesn’t quite feel like her, the sentiment behind everything feels in character. Whether it’s through his anger or dark nature, Daken isn’t nearly as receptive to his aunt/sister/genetic mother as Laura might hope. Boy their relationship is confusing.

The action plays out rather well, and in some surprising ways. First, Blade makes a surprise yet welcome appearance, and writer Ray Fawkes even references how both Blade and Laura fought against vampires in X-Men: Curse of the Mutants back in 2010. With Blade comes some vampires for the fight, but besides some background action and a couple lines between Blade and X-23, they don’t factor into things much. Blade’s attitude toward the Daken vs. Siphon fight is kind of awesome, and having absorbed plenty of energy since his last appearance, Siphon is now intelligent. Despite everything he’s been through in this series, Daken isn’t any less of a monster in the way he steals a ride and threatens the one person who is trying to help him. He’s in character sure, but that’s one reason I don’t like him as a character.

The art by Salvador Larroca is really good. Everything has a clean appearance, yet there’s plenty of detail. Daken’s growing hair makes him look more like Wolverine, but there’s still a touch of Asian in him. His chest tattoos seem to be missing though. After Laura and Daken parachute out of Mystique’s jet, the rain around them bounces off their outfits and making their hair wet. The main fight flows well, highlighting the brutality of Daken’s fighting style. Siphon himself glows with energy at times, and it’s nice to see him in greater detail than we’ve ever seen him before.

This comic is great. While I don’t enjoy Daken and I probably never will, his dynamic with X-23 is a fascinating one and it’s nice to get both good action and actual story progress. For anyone paying attention to the main series, this could be a very important issue, and it’s at least worth checking out if you like either of Wolverine’s “offspring”, even if you’re not reading Wolverines.

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3 Responses to Wolverines 14 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    It’s an OK issue, dragged down by Daken being a whiny little bitch of a character. I hate Daken.


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