Angela: Asgard’s Assassin 6 review

ANGELA2014006-DC11-44a51It took a while to figure out my third review for the day. It was between this, Captain Marvel 15, Ms. Marvel 15 and Thor 8. Each one of them is an important issue one way or another, and they’re all very good in their own way. I chose this one because, not only is it an important closer to the opening story, but a quick search informed me that I haven’t reviewed this series since issue 1. It’s time to fix that.

Angela: Asgard’s Assassin 6 is fantastic. This series is a little bizarre so far, with Angela finally re-uniting with her family in Asgard only to steal her parents’ newborn baby. Apparently the child is possessed by Surtur and must be cleansed somehow. The resulting story is a great mix of chase scenes, big fights and deep mythology surrounding the Angels of the Marvel Universe and Angela’s own past. Every issue brought some sort of neat twist, and this issue isn’t any different. The last entry ended with Angela throwing her newborn sister into a giant furnace in Heven, while the forces of Asgard attacked the 10th realm. Each issue is co-written by Kieron Gillen and Marguerite Bennett, with Gillen focusing on the main story and Bennett working on the backstory and mythology.

While this issue starts with more fight scenes, most of the issue explains all the mysteries surrounding the story arc. Everything fits together in a neat package while also revealing that Sera, Angela’s long-time friend and ally, isn’t who she seems. While the twist seems to come out of nowhere, it also sets up what will likely be the next plotline if and when Angela returns after Secret Wars. At the least, we’ll be getting Witch Hunt Angela during Secret Wars, with Bennett and Gillen switching writing positions.

The art by Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans is fantastic. Jimenez focuses on the main story, complete with great character details and massive environments. The battle between Asgard and Heven is appropriately huge, with explosions all over the place and Angels flying around. The panels in the furnace are particularly good, with orange glowing partially obscuring everything, Surtur’s black essence flowing out of the child and Angela’s skin burning. Hans handles the flashbacks, and it might even be more breathtaking with its dark imagery, montages and in one panel, lighting that feels real.

I’m undecided what my favourite comic of the week is, but Asgard’s Assassin 6 is in the running. Everything about this comic works. The story is fun, the mythology is fascinating and the art is stellar. Anyone who could see themselves enjoying a series about Thor’s long-lost sister should give this series a try.

Normally I don’t do review scores, but a recent comment in my about page suggested that I should, so here it goes.


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3 Responses to Angela: Asgard’s Assassin 6 review

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  3. xmenxpert says:

    This was a fantastic comic. Really great story. And the Bennett/Hans section, as usual, was the real highlight, with poetic writing and gorgeous art. Hans is so damned good. And it’s a cool reveal that sets up what’s sure to be an amazing arc after Secret Wars.


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