A-Force 1 review

2015-05-19-aforceAlthough I’m still not yet sure how I feel about Marvel’s Secret Wars event, one must admit it gives Marvel an opportunity to try all sorts of interesting experiments. The one I’ve been looking forward to the most is A-Force.

A-Force stars a bunch of Marvel’s most prominent female superheroes in one giant team, led by She-Hulk. The opening issue not only introduces the team, but gives us a good fight scene with a giant shark. While the fight is short, it has dire consequences for one member of the team because they broke one of Dr. Doom’s sacred rules.

The events in this comic work in multiple ways. One, the rule violation helps expand on Battleworld’s laws and politics, while also showing that Doom is very firm in the way he rules Battleworld. Two, it brings some great character drama and starts some potential tensions within the team. If these tensions continue, they could very well make later issues interesting. Three, this comic is fun. While the comic tosses you straight into the realm of Arcadia without much explanation, it won’t take long to figure out what’s going on, especially if you read Secret Wars 2 (although I wouldn’t call it necessary). Writers Marguerite Bennett and G. Willow Wilson works so well together, and they perfectly capture each character’s personality.

The art by Jorge Molina is also great. The opening splash page shows the beautiful cityscape with plenty of detail, along with five of the team members flying along for their morning patrols. Every character is well detailed with familiar costumes, mixing old and new, and their facial expressions perfectly showcase their emotions. The mega shark is complete with spikes growing from the back of his head and scars around his mouth. There are a couple character cameos to spot during the first half of the comic which only makes Arcadia more interesting. The only flaw with the art is that Nico’s facial piercings keep changing from page to page.

So far this is my favourite Secret Wars title. It’s a bit early to say with so many yet to begin, but I won’t be surprised if it stays that way. A-Force 1 is a great balance of fun, drama and storytelling, and it explains quite a bit about Battleworld without going heavy on exposition. Anyone who is reading Secret Wars should pick this up, as should anyone interested in an all-star female superhero team.

I don’t usually do review scores, but a recent comment in my about page suggested that I should, so here it goes.


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5 Responses to A-Force 1 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    Ms. America throws a giant dinosaur shark. That’s the most important part of the comic. It’s awesome, and it’s the kind of thing that can only happen in comic books. Even Captain Marvel punching said giant dinosaur shark, and Nico and Dazzler blasting it, gets overshadowed.

    Other than that, it’s a solid debut, and has me interested in seeing where it goes.


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