Ms. Marvel 16 review


Usually, Ms. Marvel’s series takes a bit more of a relaxed pace. Sure, there is an intense issue here and there, but it usually takes its time to focus on Kamala’s character development and touching on her supporting cast. This issue is about as chaotic as they come, but considering the world is about to end with the final convergence, it’s perfectly warranted.

Despite all the chaos, Ms. Marvel 16 still finds room for a bit of character development. Kamala is still struggling to cope with learning that her crush is a monster. At first I didn’t like how she’s been feeling down for several weeks over a boy she knew for one day before he turned bad, but then I realized that she’s a teenager. But when the world starts crumbling and she sees the approaching planet for herself, she realizes what’s most important in her life and springs into action. She uses her polymorph abilities in interesting ways and shows her heroic nature by trying to bring as many people into a safe place as possible.

It’s not just Kamala who’s protecting people though. Some of her school friends also work to save lives. This comic really highlights how a disaster affects different people. Some take advantage of the chaos for their own motivations, while some team up with people they normally dislike in order to guard safe houses. Writer G. Willow Wilson finds a great balance of embracing the chaos of the situation and still explores characters and how they react to a disaster. This review isn’t complete without at least mentioning the last page. I won’t spoil it, but it’s easily the most exciting final page in this series so far.

Adrian Alphona is back on art and he’s great as always. Facial expressions always capture characters’ emotions well, whether it’s Kamala’s panic when everything seems to go wrong, her parents’ fatigue after waking up, or the excitement in a jock’s face while he protects the school from looters. The environmental detail is impressive with all the panicking civilians and the mess of cars in the streets. And as always with Alphona, there are some great visual Easter Eggs. Look for the sign “I Told U The End Was Nigh (please buy my mixtape)” and the cereal called GM-O’s, among others.

This is my favourite comic of the week, and Ms. Marvel regulars should be sure to pick this up. Because it’s a new arc and a Secret Wars tie-in, it’s also a good time to check this serious out if you haven’t. Despite all the craziness of the coming apocalypse, there’s still room for character development.

I forgot to give review scores in the last few weeks, but it’s still experimental for me anyway. Here it is.


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5 Responses to Ms. Marvel 16 review

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  2. Hannah G says:

    I’m so excited for the change of pace! Keeps things fresh. 🙂


  3. xmenxpert says:

    This is such an amazing issue. There’s some great humour – the panel of Kamala pausing as Loki’s little “guards” move past her might be my favourite image in the whole issue. There’s the drama of Kamran capturing Aamir. And there’s the heart of people working together. Wilson really brings a lot of humanity to this book.

    And next issue is Marvel Team-Up! Woot! Just a shame Carol’s in her stupid grey uniform. Bleh.


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