Thors 1 review

Thors-1-Cover-59462One of the first things we learned in Secret Wars 2 is that Doom’s main police force is a whole bunch of Thors. Since Jason Aaron is writing a brilliant Thor run, both with Thor: God of Thunder and the new female Thor, it’s almost a given that Thors will at least be ok.

Thors 1 is best described as a murder mystery. A serial killer is offing women in different realms of Battleworld, each with one thing in common. They’re all the same person. With the culprit leaving virtually no evidence and crushing the woman’s face so they can’t properly identify her, the lead investigators call an allthing (all hands on deck). This is mostly a setup issue with very little action, but it’s interesting enough that the comic doesn’t really need it.

One thing that makes this comic fun is how it embraces the Thor mythos. Although the different Thors obviously have different personalities, they share similar traits including their proud nature and their dedication to justice (even if one’s a bit of a bigot). The different Thors bragging about their accomplishments adds to the Secret Wars mythology and a bit of fun banter. The Thors most focused on are Ultimate Thor, Beta Ray Bill and Storm. Of course you can’t have a Thors comic without at least an appearance from Frog Thor and All-Father Thor.

The art by Chris Sprouse is good. It’s mostly a simple, clean look, but facial and arm hair is well detailed, as are all the establishing shots in the environment. Each Thor has a different look and outfit, making them easier to tell apart. The bright colours make for an overall appealing look.

Thors isn’t as great as Jason Aaron’s main Thor run, but it’s off to a good start. The murder mystery makes for an interesting take on the Thor mythos, and the investigation could easily lead in a number of directions from here. The issue’s closer certainly suggests that their enemy is dangerous. If you’re a Thor fan, you should at least read this.

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2 Responses to Thors 1 review

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    I like how Aaron touches on various cop story cliches – the rookie who can’t handle a dead body, the bigoted jerk no one likes, the grizzled chief chewing out his men (complete with calling them the worst cops he’s ever seen). All sorts of things that appear in basically every cop story, but done with Thors to make it hilarious. The only thing missing was Bill being a week away from retirement. I also loved the cameo of Unworthy Thor. That was great. Really good comic.


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