MODOK Assassin 2 review

4633903-modoka2015002_dc11-0Before I start the review, I should say why there isn’t a first impressions post this week. Simply put, I didn’t pick up enough comics to make it worth it, so I’ll be writing four reviews instead. That seems to be how Secret Wars is affecting my comic reading the most – it’s reducing the amount of titles I’m reading. With most of my Image titles coming out slower than usual and some of the Dynamite releases delayed thanks to Swords of Sorrow, my pull list looks like it’s going to be light for the next while.

Thankfully, this gives me time to read older issues and re-read my favourite story arcs. I finally read the first volume of Batman Eternal and it’s great, and I’m reading my way through Joe Kelly’s Deadpool run for the first time. Also, I just bought the Days of Future Past novelization and I’ll probably start reading it tomorrow.

Anyway, MODOK Assassin 1 is a dumb yet fun comic, and MODOK Assassin 2 continues that trend. The first issue ended with MODOK running across a fallen Thor (Angela) after a killing spree, but instead of killing her, he feels attracted to her, which also confuses his circuitry. Most of the second issue is Angela trying to kill the mass murdering machine while he tries to talk her down, failing when his wiring crosses and he keeps talking about his murderous ways. It’s a great twist on men struggling to say what they mean to girls their attracted to. The comic also expands on Killville and how it works. These scenes aren’t as dumb or as fun, but they add depth to an otherwise simple story and lead into a good cliffhanger ending.

The art by Amilcar Pinna is good. It’s bright and colourful, and the fight scenes are well detailed. Angela’s armour shines in the sunlight. The panel where she’s waking up to the sight of MODOK is intentionally blurred out. What’s also great is that MODOK keeps the injuries he sustains during the fight, most notably a slash wound near his nose and a hole in his armour. And of course, a giant chainsaw with “Kill” written on the side is just awesome.

Writer Chris Yost is making what might be the most entertaining comic of Secret Wars that I’ve read so far. By no means is it deep, but it’s not trying to be. It’s just stupid and fun. While MODOK’s narration might be annoying for some, anyone looking for an entertaining Secret Wars comic should at least give this a read.


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1 Response to MODOK Assassin 2 review

  1. xmenxpert says:

    This was definitely a fun comic. Just light, silly, murderous fun. And oddly adorable.


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