Thors 2 review

THORS2015002-DC11-0a37cIn Secret Wars, Doom’s main police force throughout Battleworld is called the Thor Corps. Thus, it makes perfect sense that there’s a series called Thors. In the first issue, the Thors discovered that a serial killer is travelling through the realms and killing women. What makes this most disturbing is that every single one of the victims is Jane Foster. If that’s not enough for a murder mystery, someone has killed a Thor – Beta Ray Bill.

Although this is very different from Jason Aaron’s Thor series, it still feels like a worthy replacement while Secret Wars is going on. Somehow he’s combining all of these Thors and turning it into a compelling murder mystery. This issue begins with a very well-written funeral scene, highlighting how dedicated Beta Ray Bill was to the Thor Corps and how he was among the best of them. Once the funeral ends, the Thors begin a rampage across the domains, questioning their usual suspects by force. The action in this issue is appropriately intense. Unworthy Thor (based on 616 Thor) makes a quick but welcome appearance that only deepens the mystery.

The art by Chris Sprouse and Goran Sudzuka is great. Every character and every environment is well detailed and colourful. The opening funeral scene is complete with a splash page, detailing a good variety of Thors with similar yet distinct outfits. The ones that stand out are Groot Thor, one that looks like Black Bolt in the corner and Punk Thor in his sleeveless jacket. That said, the Wolf-like Thrr who shows up later is probably my personal favourite. Before you ask, no, Thrr is not a misspelling. The action scenes flow well and make great use of hammers thrown, lightning and powerful strikes.

This is turning out to be a great series. Ultimate Thor makes for a good protagonist, showing a lot of determination and dedication to the investigation. The writing is strong, the art is well-done and the story feels big. This isn’t an overly complex comic, but when you’re involving hundreds of Thors, you don’t need it to be. If the idea of Thors teaming up for a murder mystery across Battleworld interests you, check this out.

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This was really good. The Thor vs. Thor fight was really cool. Nice to see Unworthy Thor actually wasn’t just a throwaway joke. It’s really cool stuff.


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