Ms. Marvel 17 review

MSMARV2014017-DC11-00528Ever since this series began, fans have been waiting for this moment. Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) is a fan of superheroes. She completely geeked out when she teamed up with Wolverine in Ms. Marvel 6 and 7, and when she teamed up with Spider-Man in the lead up to Spider-Verse, she went nuts. She had yet to team up with her favourite superhero, Captain Marvel, and today they finally team up.

The world is about to end with the final incursion. Ms. Marvel spent the last issue gathering up as many of her loved ones as possible, bringing them to her newly fortified school. While she stands on the roof feeling overwhelmed, Captain Marvel popped by to see what’s happening. Their opening conversation is touching. Their meeting didn’t go as Kamala hoped by any means, but it’s probably better for both of them that she didn’t get to recite her speech. Instead, they work together to rescue Kamala’s brother, who’s been kidnapped by her ex-crush.

G. Willow Wilson writes the perfect balance of fun, drama and humour. Because of the dark nature of the story this isn’t as light-hearted as usual, but Kamala’s geeky references help brighten the mood. Where this issue really shines is how Carol Danvers acts as a mentor. Kamala’s clearly bothered by the fact that she can’t save everyone, and Carol’s advice helps keep her focused. The ending teases a major change in Kamala’s personal life, and it could very well make it more complicated in the future.

The art by Adrian Alphona is great as usual. Kamala’s exaggerated facial expressions perfectly portray her mixed emotions. The action flows well and the comic is always bright and colourful. But as usual, the real highlight is all the visual Easter Eggs and gags all over the place. There’s plenty in the first page spread of Kamala and Carol rushing through the city. Look for the Pants on Demand truck, Count Docula’s clinic, Lil’ Anya’s Body Disposal, a very strange car accident and a random fish – among others. Elsewhere in the comic, there’s a bunch more including Dance Dance Confusion and a letter to a Nigerian Prince. He’s almost out of control with these visual gags in the last couple of issues, and that’s a good thing.

Ms. Marvel 17 is just as good as I hoped it would be. It’s glorious that Ms. Marvel is finally teaming up with her favourite superhero and it was worth the wait. Even though it’s part of the Last Days banner, it still feels like a Ms. Marvel comic. Regular fans will most likely be picking this up anyway, but this is an easy recommendation for Captain Marvel fans too. In fact, anyone who’s reading Marvel should give her a chance if they haven’t already.

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  2. xmenxpert says:

    This comic is fantastic. Exactly as good as one would expect. Kamala geeking out is always adorable. Carol gets to be a wise mentor, which is neat. And the visual gags are awesome.


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