Inferno 4 review

INFERNO2015004-DC11-5f625Well, this is my smallest pull list in a while. I only picked up 4 comics today so instead of bothering with a first impression’s post, I’ll just write a review for all 4. First up, it’s Inferno 4, the X-Men Secret Wars tie-in based on the Inferno event.

Inferno 4 takes place sometime after issue 3 ends, with Darkchilde (Demonic Magik) storming the streets while Cyclops’s X-Men are on the retreat. Meanwhile, the alliance of Madelyne Prior and Colossus’s team continue to slice through Darkchilde’s forces, but they’re not working fast enough. This comic starts with Darkchilde gaining a very significant victory. The general dark tone of this series only intensifies with this victory. What helps brighten the tone is that this comic is also fun.

Dennis Hopeless’s writing is good here. He has a strong grasp on Colossus’s character and his determination to help his sister, and when he comes to a realization in this issue, you can tell it hurts. Darkchilde is delightful in how she’s in love with being evil, and the interactions between Madelyne Prior and Colossus’s team are always entertaining. The last issue ended by revealing Mr. Sinister’s involvement with the entire event, so of course this issue has everyone meeting him for a good cliffhanger. It feels like this mini-series is nearing its climax.

The art by Javier Garron is fantastic. There’s a lot of detail in pretty much everything, whether it’s the ruined cities complete with smoking debris and damaged signs, a wide variety of demonic creatures or the well detailed characters. The streets are delightfully warped; even the cars and public trash cans have evil faces and monstrous teeth. The fight scenes flow well. Facial expressions are also very well handled, especially when Colossus comes to his realizations. The colouring by Chris Sotomayor is also good. Everything’s bright and colourful. There could easily be too much red when the X-Men are fighting demons, but there’s a great variety that makes this comic very appealing to the eye.

This isn’t the best X-Men tie-in to Secret Wars in terms of quality (that belongs to Years of Future Past), but it’s so much fun. There’s a great balance of dark storytelling, near hopeless situations and humour. While I haven’t read the original Inferno event, this comic makes me want to. Maybe I’ll order it after my next paycheck. Anyway, if the X-Men facing off against hordes of demons led by Colossus’s possessed sister interests you, by all means pick this up.


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  1. xmenxpert says:

    This is good. But Boomer totally steals the show. Boomer’s awesome. Scott blasting Colossus was kinda fun, too.


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