Ms. Marvel 18 review

MSMARV2014018-DC11-379ffEven though this isn’t the final issue of Kamala Khan’s first volume, it feels like it. Ms. Marvel concludes the first team up between Kamala and her biggest hero, Captain Marvel. We learn what happened to her brother, Aamir, after being surrounded by mist stolen from Attilan. Just as we’ve come to expect, this issue is fantastic.

Ms. Marvel 18 kicks off exactly where the last one ended, with Kamala and Carol facing off against Kamala’s former crush, Kamran. Aamir soon wakes up with mysterious powers, and this issue’s main fight scene ensues. It’s a brief fight, yet effective, showcasing Aamir’s mostly defensive powers off. While this scene is fun, it’s not where this issue truly shines.

This issue’s real focus is on Kamala’s relationships. The relationship with her brother is delved into quite a bit, showing that while he’s sometimes harsh towards her, he also cares a lot. The dynamic between Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel is great, and their goodbye is a touching one that also hints at her upcoming graduation to the Avengers. It’s a moment that feels genuinely sad, but inspiring at the same time. And then she talks with her brother after bringing him safely to the school. It’s a nice moment that highlights the differences between them, followed by a couple great jokes. This issue’s main surprise comes with the very last page. I won’t say who, but Kamala reveals to one of her family members that she’s a superhero. I’m sure this will have an interesting effect on the series moving forward.

The art by Adrian Alphona is great as always. The mist around Kamala’s brother is complete with wavy lines to help emphasize its movement. Facial expressions do a great job at capturing people’s mood, whether it’s Kamala’s brother looking angry for having powers forced upon him, Kamala’s looks of concern and of course, Bruno’s stunned look when he also meets Captain Marvel. While there aren’t as many visual gags as the last issue, there’s still a few to look out for. There’s a movie poster for something called Aunties and Androids 2, an amusing Zombie Apocalypse book title, a car wearing a sombrero, and XXL Acupuncture needles. I’m very curious about those XXL Acupuncture needles and how they could possibly be therapeutic. The colouring by Ian Herring is also great; even though a bunch of this issue happens either with the green mist or at night, the comic is bright and colourful.

G. Willow Wilson is doing a fantastic job with this series. Although there’s still one more issue left, this feels like a satisfying conclusion to the first volume. Ms. Marvel fans will feel a touch of almost every basic end of the emotional spectrum. It might be a bit late to start this series from this point, but if you’re a Marvel fan who hasn’t given this series a chance yet, you really should. The first issue was a bit slow, but the series is consistently delightful and feels like Spider-man’s early days in all the best ways. This is a serious contender for my favourite comic of the week, and with a week full of many great comics, that’s saying something.


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  2. xmenxpert says:

    I did not see that ending coming at all. It’s really good. The Kamala/Carol scene is really nice and sweet. The Kamala/Aamir scene is awesome for just how non-sweet it is – they’re siblings, they still piss each other off. Alphona’s visual gags are all great. “Practical Voodoo” is my favourite of the book titles, and “Astro Shark” my favourite movie poster.


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